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How did my weekly grocery shop turn into an Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops tutorial? Well, every Saturday I head out in the morning to start my weekly grocery shopping ritual, one that I must do alone because the kids can’t seem to understand why I have to go to 5 different places and why it takes so long. The question I must answer time and time again, “Can’t you just get everything you need at the grocery store?”.

Parker Kowal – Chocolatier

A photo of a young man named Parker wearing a white chef's jacket who is a Chocolatier at the local market assembling Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops.

I don’t know about you but I purchase certain things at certain places. I wouldn’t purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at my local Bakery & Deli nor would I purchase deli meats at my local Market, plus you never know where your inspiration will come from.

This particular Saturday my morning ritual was interrupted as Liana needed a ride, can’t remember where, and on the return trip I said I am going to run into the market to grab a few things we need. Of course I got the usual hums and haws and can you please do it quickly and of course she didn’t want to come in.

A black and white photo of Parker, the Chocolatier, decorating the colourful Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pop.

I found myself rushing through the market and quickly picking up everything I needed and in the line I go. Well I happen to choose the line closest to the Chocolatier Forrats Chocolates, big mistake, and as I was waiting to check out I couldn’t help but watch what he was doing.

Parker (Chocolatier) was making these Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops (don’t really know what to call them) and when I saw him dipping these pops into a pool of luscious milk chocolate I knew I had to ask him if he could show me the whole process so I could replicate them at home. That he did and not to just me but the whole line up of people behind me. When the tutorial was over I asked if I could return with my daughter so she could snap a few photos for the new Food Blog I was writing. He graciously agreed and off to the car I go.

A photo of the assembled and decorated Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops on a cookie sheet.

To make a long story short my quick run into the market to pick up a few things turned into about 2 hours between picking up the things I needed, checking out, Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pop tutorial, running home to pick up the camera and the photo shoot. As you can imagine Liana was none to pleased.

I took a trial run at these yesterday as I am going to make them for my Godchild’s (Ashley, 6), birthday party next week. I am glad I did because I lost the first few in the bath of milk chocolate and quickly realized I needed to bind them with a little more chocolate and I had to let them set in the fridge for about 20 minutes before dipping them. Other than losing the first few they were pretty easy to make. Next time I will also use a piece of styrofoam block to set them in to dry. Very hard to resist!

A photo of Oreo Cookie Pops, without chocolate on marble slab.

I had to come back to this post and give a little update, the kids (and apparently the parents) at Ashley’s birthday party loved the Cookie Pops.  I decided to dress them up as Children’s Party Favors and turned to the internet for some ideas.  I didn’t realize how popular cookie pops were and it never occurred to me to use cake to make pops. I spotted some wonderful ideas at Bakerella.

Looking for the perfect “pretty in pink” birthday cake idea? My Chocolate Layer Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting decorated with Baked White Chocolate Cake Doughnuts with Vanilla Glaze was a huge hit at my daughter’s (Liana) last birthday.

I’ve also made some delicious brownie pops since posting using Martha Stewart’s brownie hearts recipe. Whether you decide to go with oreo chocolate cookie, cake or brownie pops they are the perfect take home sweet treat after a fun filled day.

A photo of assembled Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops, decorated with various coloured sprinkles on marble slab.

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14 Responses to “Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops – Visit to the Chocolatier”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Those are simply adorable! Especially for kids!

  2. Grace Says:

    Thank you

  3. Robyn Massa Says:

    Thank you so much for making these for Ashley’s party Aunt Grace! The Cookie Pops were a huge hit! We gave them out as the kids left with the goody bags. The Moms were all saying how cute they were and asked if I made them. Of course I couldn’t take credit but let them know Ashley’s Godmother made them for her! Not only did they look beautiful but they tasted amazing! I will try and make them one day as I am definitely addicted (and the kids loved them too!)…they were delicious!:) Yes, Mommy had a couple of the extra ones after the party…I couldn’t resist! I put them on the counter in a Silver container (an empty coffee container, label removed) with styrofoam inside. I crumpled up tissue paper to hide the styrofoam and poked the Cookie Pops through the tissue into the styrofoam. They were a bouquet of Cookie Pops…much better then flowers in my mind!:) Thanks again Aunt Grace! xoxoxoxo

  4. Grace Says:

    Thank you Robyn, so happy they were enjoyed. Sounds like the kids had a great time and you and Rob survived the day. Love you!

  5. RavieNomNoms Says:

    What a fabulous ideas for kids to do during the holidays! Or actually any time of the year…this is so great. Thanks for sharing it

  6. Joy Says:

    That is a great idea. I love chocolate covered oreos.

  7. rhonda Says:

    on your oreo chocolate cookie pops what you you mean by 70′ cholocate?

  8. Grace Says:

    The chocolate I used had a cocoa content of 70%. I used the Lindt brand but any brand you fancy will work.

  9. Nicola Says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is a great treat for anyone to enjoy!

  10. Sheilla Says:

    Would you mind telling me the name brand of the types of chocolates you used. I can not find anything like that..

  11. Grace Says:

    Sheilla I used the Lindt brand for these pops, you could also use Ghirardelli. Both of these brands are quite popular here in Canada. I used a 70% but you could also use a semisweet or milk chocolate if you prefer.

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  13. Natalie Says:

    I love these! I made some sugar cookie pops for for a Valentine’s Day cookie contest at my sister’s work!


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