Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Thursday, 17th June 2010

I love summer, it is my favourite time of year.  The neighbourhood is abuzz, everyone is outside instead of cooped up in our homes, tending to gardens, bike riding, walking, and visiting.  It’s the time of year for outdoor festivals and events, The Balloon Fest, The Rib Fest, many cultural food festivals and plenty of outdoor concerts.

A photo of 4 blueberry-banana pops in 4 white bowls with ice on a pink placemat.

It’s the time of year to pack up the car and go to the beach, or go camping or head to the park for a picnic.

A photo of 3 frozen fruit pops in polka dot dixie cups on a pink polka dot sheet of paper.

We rarely travel throughout the summer, we have our very own resort retreat in our backyard.  Putting in the pool was the best decision we ever made and second was adding the fire pit.

A photo of 4 strawberry-yogurt fruit pops in a bucket of ice on a wooden placemat.

When you look down our street, you’ll see one basketball net after another, and it’s not uncommon to see a few games going at the same time.  We keep our freezer in the garage, and I make sure to have it well stocked with frozen fruit pops, popsicles, freezies and ice cream on a stick.  The kids run in, grab a treat and back out they go.

A photo of 4 blueberry pops in a glass bowl of ice with a blue drink umbrella.

The weekend is coming and I am sure to have some little ones heading over for a swim so I thought I would dust off my frozen pop molds and make some of my very own.  The best thing about making your own is you can add whatever fruit, yogurt or fruit juice you want, the combination possibilities are endless.

A photo of 4 blueberry-banana fruit pops on a white dish with ice.

I used up the last of my frozen strawberries and blueberries.  I had tropical fruit juice (a combination of mango, pineapple, passion fruit, orange and apple) in the fridge but you can use whatever juice you have on hand.  You could also swap out the juice and use the juice of a lemon or a lime.  Liana’s favourite flavour is Strawberry-Yogurt and Matt loves Banana.

A photo of a variety of frozen fruit pops, blueberry-banana, strawberry yogurt, blueberry, and strawberry in a glass bowl of ice.

The freezer is now well stocked with Frozen Strawberry, Blueberry, Strawberry-Yogurt and Blueberry-Banana Pops.

The big question, how long do you think they’ll last, will they make it to the weekend or will I be back at it on Friday?

A close up photo of a frozen strawberry-yogurt pop with a pink ribbon placed on a white plate on a blue striped pattern background.

A photo of a blueberry-banana pop with a pink ribbon placed on a white plate on a pink striped background.

A photo of a blueberry pop in a mini pink bowl of ice.

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  1. Marly Says:

    I had a feeling you would be posting about these fruity frozen treats! They sound perfect for these hot summer days! A good treat for solstice…

  2. nothingprofound Says:

    Summer is my favorite season, too, and for all the reasons you mentioned. You picked the right day to display those succulent treats! Hot as blazes here today.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Loving the summer, even here in Scotland it’s currently in the 70s fahrenheit. Your frozen fruit pop recipes will come in handy.

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