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Brownie Hearts are pure chocolate goodness. Obviously the mad confusion of yesterday has spilt on to today.  Hope you enjoy the Raspberry, Blueberry, Cream Cheese and Mascarpone Pound Cakes I shared with you earlier today but I completely forgot to share these chocolate brownies with you. Did you think I could let you go a whole weekend without any chocolate? Absolutely not!

A close up photo of 4 brownie hearts decorated using a stencil in the shape of a heart and dusted with confectioners' sugar.

I can’t believe how easy these are to make.  This is a perfect recipe to teach a young person who is just starting out in the kitchen and learning to bake.  Everything goes into one bowl and half of the recipe utilizes using the microwave.

A close up photo with 3 chocolate brownie hearts decorated with confectioners' sugar arranged on a bright green dish.

These are very rich in chocolate flavour just as a brownie should be.  I baked my brownies in a 6-cavity heart pan and a 12-cavity mini heart pan that I just purchased but you can bake the brownies in a 9 1/2 by 13-inch pan and use heart shaped cookie cutters to make the hearts.

A close up photo of mini heart brownies arranged on a pink dish.

The left over bits can be rolled into balls and coated in confectioners’ sugar, granulated sugar or cocoa powder.  They could also be used to make brownie pops on a stick coated in ganache, three treats using one basic recipe.

A close up photo of 3 chocolate brownie hearts decorated with confectioners' sugar arranged in a row on a white dish.

This recipe makes about 6 large heart cakes (3 5/8-inch by 3 1/2-inch by 1-inch) and I couldn’t even tell you how many mini hearts I made, they were disappearing faster than I could count.

A close up photo of 2 chocolate brownie hearts decorated with icing sugar in a heart-shaped pattern.

I decorated my larger hearts first with cocoa powder and then with confectioners’ sugar.  Using a fine-mesh sieve I lightly dusted each brownie heart with cocoa powder.  I then made my own heart-shaped stencil using plain white paper.   I placed a small amount of confectioners’ sugar into a small mesh sieve.  I set my stencil directly onto the brownie.  Holding the sieve directly over the brownie, I tapped the edge of the sieve gently and distributed an even layer of confectioners’ sugar on the stencil, making sure to coat the complete opening of the stencil.  Here’s the tough part, I grasped both sides of the stencil, and ever so gently I lifted it straight up off the brownie.  I decided on hearts but get creative and design your own stencils.

A photo of mini brownie hearts falling out of a pink and white paper bag.

I really like these homemade brownies but my favourite is still the Fudgy Chocolate Brownies I shared with you a little while back.  I think I will be hard pressed to find a better recipe than that one.  I do hope to try Ina Garten’s brownies, my niece Alexis tells me they are phenomenal.


A photo of a dish of mini chocolate brownie hearts placed on a pink napkin.

A close up photo of 1 chocolate brownie heart decorated with icing sugar in the shape of a heart placed on a pink polka dot napkin.

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26 Responses to “Brownie Hearts – Chocolate Goodness”

  1. nothingprofound Says:

    How do you stay so slender with all these delicacies constantly staring you in the face?

  2. Grace Says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones that can eat and eat, and I do, and not gain an ounce.

  3. Stacey N. Says:

    These are so cute! I will definitely have to try making them sometime.

  4. Andrew G. Carson Says:

    Hi Grace, I’m going to pass on this recipe to my niece as she has recently discovered a passion for baking, I think she’ll love making these.

  5. Grace Says:

    Andrew she will have fun with these if she uses the bits for the cake pops, she can coat them in chocolate or candy coating and decorate with sprinkles.

  6. Ryan Says:

    My little boy is nearly 5, I think these will be perfect for us to make together.

  7. Grace Says:

    Ryan if you make the cookie pops, I found it is good to freeze them for a bit before putting in the sticks. I usually stick them in a styrofoam block. After putting sticks in, freeze again before dipping in chocolate or candy melts, making sure neither coating is too hot otherwise they will fall off the stick. I saw these really cute smiley faces. They were dipped in yellow candy melts and them I think they used writing gel to make the face any eyes, so cute.

  8. Diane Says:

    Hey neighbors (Grace and family).

    I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to congratulate you on your new website and amazing mouthwatering recipes; captured beautifully by Liana – WOW – such talent! I’d also like to take this moment to thank you for last night’s Brownie Hearts and fruit filled muffins. Everyone gathered after dinner to enjoy them – it was the quietest moment of the evening. P.S. Thanks also for the firewood – we’re so lucky to call your family our neighbors….

  9. Grace Says:

    You are most welcome Diane, glad everyone enjoyed. We are lucky as well, now if you could just move over 1 house when Mike & Penny leave we could connect our yards.

  10. SugarCooking Says:

    These are adorable! I’ve tried Ina’s brownies and they are good, but I think the “Baked” Brownie is to die for! I don’t even like chocolate that much and I couldn’t stop eating them.

  11. Julia M Lindsey Says:

    These look great. I love the pictures. I am always more likely to try a recipe if there is a picture.

  12. Grace Says:

    Julia I feel exactly the same way especially when you are making something for the 1st time.

  13. Marly Says:

    These just look utterly delicious. I love the decor as well. Great pics, great recipe, great site!

  14. Grace Says:

    Thanks Marly, how’s the road trip, I’m jealous, would love to do that with LIana, would be so much fun.

  15. Lisa K. Says:

    Oh, these look delicious! I’m going to point my mom toward your blog. She’s been looking for a great recipe for a dessert to bring to a dinner party this week!

  16. Grace Says:

    Thank you Lisa!

  17. bassitone Says:

    Hmmmm I’m not very good at cooking, but I’ll have to try making these!

    Now how to make them secretly…

  18. HeelShields Says:

    MMMmmmmmmm Grace, an easy brownie receipe and brownies are my favorite – me and the girls are going to try it this weekend.

  19. Grace Says:

    Any time Krystal, take a look at my most favourite – the fudgy chocolate brownies, they are the ultimate in my book, these are good but the other ones are out of this world delicious

  20. Marly Says:

    my roadtrip is fun so far. Can’t believe it’s almost over!

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  22. yvonne Says:

    ciao, le ricette bellissime, non so ma la lettura complicata!!! non si può spiegare un pò più semplice? poi vedo 325 gradi forno????grazie ciao

  23. Grace Says:

    Ciao Yvonne – I’m so sorry I can not write in Italian and I’ve just realized my site is not set up for translation. I am so sorry I am going to try and remedy that quickly. The brownies should be cooked at 160 degrees C. I am going to send you the recipe translated to your email address.

  24. yvonne Says:

    ciao ,mi sembrano spigate in modo difficile! poi qui dice forno 325 gradi??? grazie ciao

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