Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Saturday, 17th July 2010

What a quiet weekend!  My son, Matthew, is away for the weekend and my daughter, Liana, has been hiding in the living room, engrossed in a 1000-piece puzzle that she can’t seem to tear herself away from. The house feels so empty and it is extremely quiet.  Usually Matt and his buddies are in and out of the house, swimming in the pool, shooting hoops out front, and playing the guitar out by the fire pit. I often wish I had a little time to myself and a little peace and quiet and now that I have it I’m going out of my mind and missing him like crazy and he’s only been gone since yesterday afternoon.  Be careful what you wish for you might just get it.

A photo of double-chocolate chunk cookies on a white dish placed on a white napkin.

I was going stir crazy with nothing to do so I thought to myself why not get in the kitchen and bake some of Matt’s favourite treats.  Matt loves cookies, especially the kind you can dunk in a huge glass of cold milk.

A close up photo of stacked double-chocolate chunk cookies separated with squares of parchment paper between each cookie.

He will be very happy to come home to Double-Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  He missed the best part of baking cookies, eating them straight from the oven when they are still warm and the chocolate is oozing when you split them in half.

A photo of a stack of double-chocolate chunk cookies with an additionally 2 cookies leading against the stack of cookies on a white napkin.

I’d forgotten how thick the cookie batter is, I got an upper body work out (definitely need it with all the goodies I’ve been eating lately) folding in the chocolate chunks. The cookies are over-sized and they spread when baked, be sure to leave at least 2 inches between them.  I slightly under cook these cookies to ensure I get that perfect chewy texture.

A photo of 8 double-chocolate chunk cookies on a white linen napkin placed on a white dish.

Matt was a little disappointed that he wasn’t able to indulge in the Hot Chocolate Fondants I made the other day but the combination of dark cocoa and milk chocolate chunks in these cookies will surely satisfy his chocolate craving.

A close up photo of a stack of double-chocolate chunk cookies tied with 2 ribbons, one pink and one brown, placed on 2 pink dishes.

Time to indulge in a tall glass of cold milk and one, no, maybe two warm, double chocolate chunk cookies.

A photo of a glass of milk with a double-chocolate chunk cookie sitting on the rim of the glass placed on a multi-coloured placemat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

A photo of double-chocolate chunk cookies placed on a white dish.

A photo of a stack of 5 double-chocolate chunk cookies tied with 2 ribbons, one pink and 1 brown, placed on a mini, pink cupcake stand.


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  1. SugarCooking Says:

    These look so good. I love chocolate based cookies with milk chocolate in them. I’ll have to make these next time I have a chocolate craving!

    Oh, and I love the picture of the all the cookies stacked with the white paper in between them. Beautiful!

  2. Grace Says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thank you so much!

    These happen to be one of my favourite cookies, I really lucked out this time because my brother in law just returned from a trip to Europe and my sister gave me some Swiss Milk Chocolate he purchased while traveling. Th cookies are so much better with good-quality milk chocolate.

  3. susan Says:

    i absolutely love this recipe! they look lovely on the page!

  4. Marly Says:

    Now this looks like a recipe I could sink my teeth into. Of course, I would have to adapt it just a tad to make it vegan, but that’s do-able. Looks so yummy. You have been a baking queen lately! I can’t wait to see what’s next…

  5. Stacey N. Says:

    These cookies look really good! I like how thin they are. I don’t really like thick chunky cookies.

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  7. torviewtoronto Says:

    delicious cookies and lovely pictures

  8. briarrose Says:

    What a wonderful cookie…so much chocolatey goodness.

  9. RavieNomNoms Says:

    Double chocolate = double awesome!

  10. Leanne Says:

    Yum! I made these same cookies just a few weeks ago. So good.

  11. Linn @ Swedish Home Cooking Says:

    Say chocolate and I say yes, say double chocolate and I say WOW! Anything with chocolate just can’t be bad. Mm.

  12. Grace Says:

    We share the same love for chocolate Linn.

  13. Tina Says:

    Love these cookies and your photos are amazing!!!!

  14. Grace Says:

    Thank you Tina

  15. shannon Says:

    Wow, Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Beautiful recipe and photos!! Congrats on making Food Buzz Top 9!!!

  16. Moneera aldousari Says:

    Actually i loved your recepies
    I’m now trying to cook but i want some advises. I’m from kuwait so most of the ingrediets you use is not available in our supermarkts. I want to know how can i solve this issue.
    Thank you

  17. Grace Says:

    What ingredients are you having difficulty finding? Are any available to be ordered online? I know if you do a little searching on the internet there are sites that provide ingredient substitutions. Maybe you could try there first.

  18. Denise Says:

    Hey dear could you give me the measurements of the ingredients in grams and stuff? How many grams is in a cup needed for the flour? :)

  19. Grace Says:

    Hi Denise, I have updated the recipe with measurements in grams. Enjoy the cookies! I have another sinful chocolate cookie coming out in the next day.

  20. sarah Says:

    Is it possible to substitute baking soda with baking powder?

  21. Grace Says:

    Sarah you could substitute baking soda with baking powder but it could affect the taste. If you must, you would triple the amount of baking powder for baking soda – i.e. if the recipe calls for 1 tsp baking soda you will need to substitute with 3 tsps of baking powder.

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