Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Wednesday, 14th July 2010

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, this week is flying by.  I’ve held off posting because my site was to have been transferred to a new hosting company on Monday, then it was changed to Tuesday and now it looks like the magic day is today.  You’ll notice the home page of the site has changed slightly.  The change was made to reduce the loading time of the site and hopefully make it easier to navigate through, hope you like the enhancement.

A photo of 3 lemon curd meringue nests garnished with candied lemon slices on a white plate.

My niece’s wedding is fast approaching, just a few short weeks away.  I am looking forward to her special day and to spending time with the many family members that will be visiting from out of town. We almost have one wedding behind us and recently my niece, Natalie, announced her engagement.  I’ve already starting clipping recipes and starting to thinking about different bridal shower themes.

A photo of 3 lemon curd meringue nests garnished with candied lemon slices on a white plate.

While browsing the internet I spotted an all pink theme on Martha Stewart’s site. Natalie doesn’t favour pink but she does love yellow.  I thought different hues of yellow paired with white would be beautiful.

A photo of candied lemon slices on a glass cake stand.

When I ran across this all white-themed wedding spread and saw the stunning photos of this dessert table I couldn’t help but gravitate to the lemon curd meringue nests, I thought they would be perfect for the bridal shower.  I plan on making those cute little coconut donuts as well.

A photo of lemon curd meringue nests with raspberries on white doilies, placed on a pink placemat.

I’m a closet perfectionist and I wasn’t happy with my first few batches; the piping in particular. Thankfully I have a few months to perfect the technique for piping the nests. I used a smaller pastry tip with the first two batches and I found they were leaning over because I had to pipe quite a few layers to get the height I was looking for.  In the last batch I switched to the larger pastry tip and they looked much better.

A photo of a lemon curd meringue nest garnished with a raspberry on a red plate.

I’m very happy with the taste and texture of the lemon curd, it’s super creamy.

If you’re not a citrus lover, you can fill the nests with chocolate mousse, ice cream, sweetened whipped cream and fresh fruit or sorbet, the possibilities are endless.

A photo of a lemon curd meringue nest garnished with a raspberry on a white doilie, placed on a pink placemat.

A photo of a lemon curd meringue nest on a white plate with raspberries on the side, placed on a black placemat.

A photo of lemon curd in a pink bowl garnished with a raspberry.

A photo of a candied lemon slice held with wooden chopsticks.

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11 Responses to “Lemon Curd Meringue Nests”

  1. Stacey Says:

    These look great! I love lemon curd! This is a perfec summer dessert. WIll definitely try it!

  2. Grace Says:

    Stacey with your piping skills they are going to look magnificent!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Gorgeous dessert. You did a lovely job with the presentation of them too.

  4. Grace Says:

    Thanks Michelle, need to do a little more practising with the piping but I have a ton of time to get it right.

  5. Ruth Says:

    Hi I was wondering ow long the meringue nests would store? Unfilled of course. I would love to make these for a wedding dessert table but would have to make the nests at least a week in advance as we are traveling to the wedding and it would be difficult to make onsite. Thanks so much for your reply!

  6. Grace Says:

    Hi Ruth, they are at there best served immediately, or you can store in an airtight container for a day or two, I would be concerned making them a week in advance. I did some research and although I have never tried freezing myself apparently if you bake, cool completely and then freeze in an airtight container, then remove from freezer the day you are going to fill they come out beautifully. Not sure if you are driving or flying, but if you are driving you could put them in a cooler filled with ice to transport. Hope it works out for you because these are great for a wedding dessert table.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Awesome website and fantastic pics, thanks!

  8. Jackie Says:

    I love meringue cookies, and seeing these meringue nests, I can not wait to make them! They look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

  9. Jeanne Says:

    Thanks for the pictures, recipes, and tutorials! This will be perfect for the short notice (a week) of one daughter’s plan to be married…small ceremony without reception (plans for a larger event ‘further down the road’) and a mother’s desire to do SOMETHING. I love the fact that the parts can be made ahead…very helpful for small increments of available time each day leading up to it.

  10. Grace Says:

    The nests will be perfect for the wedding Jeanne. I prepared for my niece’s bridal shower not long ago. They were a hit. Congratulations! Hope your daughter’s wedding day is beautiful and everything she’s been dreaming about.

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