Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Friday, 20th August 2010

I purchased a new cookbook, David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert, a few weeks ago. Whenever I purchase a new cookbook I quickly flip through all the pages and look at all the beautiful food photography.  The photos generally dictate which recipes I will try first.  I had such a difficult time choosing from David’s book, everything looked so delicious.  Luckily with my daughter, Liana, heading off on her camping trip this weekend the choice was pretty clear, Robert’s Absolute Best Brownies was the way to go.

A photo of 3 of Robert's Absolute Best Brownies placed on pieces of parchment paper on a light blue table runner.

Usually when I get a new cookbook I like to set aside a little time and get a feel from the chef and I haven’t had a chance to do this yet, but if this recipe is any indication of what’s to come I am super excited.  One thing I would like to mention, from the few pages I have been able to read, this book is full of tips and tricks.  I am looking forward to learning a ton from this amazing chef.

A photo of a stack of 3 small skillets with the one on top lined with parchment and just baked Robert's Absolute Best Brownie dessert placed on a light blue table runner.

A few days ago my friend, Marly, sent me a link to a site that referenced all these tips and tricks, coincidentally enough it was David’s Blog.  Take a few minutes to visit David’s site and explore, the photography is stunning and the learning experience is fantastic, you won’t be sorry.  If you have a chance you may also want to visit Marly’s blog, she made these delicious, Vegan Mexican Wedding Cakes the other day.

A photo of Robert's Absolute Best Brownies in a white ramekin placed on a brown tea towel.

When I was preparing the brownies I had a little deja-vu.  The question, “Have I made these before?” kept running through my mind.  I realized rather quickly that the recipe was very similar to my favourite Fudgy Brownies by Martha Stewart.  If the photo in David’s book didn’t give it away, once I figured out the recipes were similar I knew the brownies were going to be amazing.

A photo of a tin lined with parchment paper of just baked Robert's Absolute Best Brownies placed on a brown tea towel.

I was quick to make a second batch for home (Liana and her friends couldn’t be the only ones to enjoy).  I added a mixture of walnuts (75%) and hazelnuts (25%) to the batter for both batches.  I then topped one batch with some coarsely chopped hazelnuts and a few extra bittersweet chips and the other batch I went all out and added not only the hazelnuts and bittersweet chips but also some coarsely chopped white chocolate.

A photo of 3 Robert's Absolute Best Brownies in small skillets lined with parchment paper placed on a light blue table runner.

I baked the brownies for Liana in small little skillets, this will allow her to warm the brownies right on a grill over the open fire.  The kids are going to love these!

A photo of 3 small skillet sized brownies lined with parchment.

OMG!  Not only were these brownies amazing they were sinfully delicious!

Another family favourite is my White Chocolate Brownies with Dark Chocolate Chips.

A photo of 3 of Robert's Absolute Best Brownies placed on small square pieces of parchment and placed on a brown tea towel.

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28 Responses to “Robert’s Absolute Best Brownies – Sinfully Delicious!”

  1. Marly Says:

    I came here for a different purpose, but now you’ve gotten me all distracted with this post. I love brownies. They are a weakness of mine and these look particularly enticing. Thanks so much for making my Friday!

  2. Grace Says:

    Okay so why were you visiting, are you going to leave me hanging?

  3. Liza Says:

    OMG – if they’re anything close to the Martha Stewart brownies I made from your OTHER post, then I must make these. Sinful.


  4. Grace Says:

    Absolutely amazing Liza, you’re going to love these just as much maybe more.

  5. susan Says:

    I have made these over and over again! so good!

  6. Grace Says:

    I so agree Susan.

  7. jane Says:

    Love Martha’s recipe (lots of chocolate and not a lot of sugar and flour to distract from it) and hope to try David’s soon. Have you tried his dulce de leche brownies? Amazing! Also, your skillet idea is super fun and cute.

  8. Grace Says:

    Thank you Jane, I just purchased David’s cookbook and this is my first experience with his recipes. Not sure if the dulce de leche recipe is in there but I will hunt it down and give it a try.

  9. K Says:

    How do you make this brownie in a ramekin as shown above so it’s more like a lava cake? Just pour batter in and let it do it’s thing?

  10. Grace Says:

    I had just enough batter for one left after making the skillets and I thought I will try baking it in the ramekin to see how it works out, I kept checking the centre as it was baking and pulled it out just before it got firm in the centre. I was the lucky one to enjoy this and OMG it was delicious and you’re right it did taste a lot like a lava cake, so delicious!

  11. Marci Says:

    Love the skillets but I can’t make out the brand on the picture. They’re just adorable, I could think of many uses. Would love to know who makes them and where you purchased them..thanks!

  12. Grace Says:

    Hi Marci, I ran across them last week at Home Sense, Lagostina is the manufacturer. What a great find and perfect for Liana to take to the campsite, makes it easy to warm.

  13. Ramya Says:

    looks absolutely delicious!

  14. roxan Says:

    I’m the same way, using the pictures to dictate what I make. I need the photos so i can get a better idea of what to expect! :) your brownies look absolutely heavenly and it looks like you made a good choice. Oh! And I love those little skillet brownies.

  15. Evan Thomas Says:

    Wow! These look incredible. I’ve never seen brownies with so little flour but they seem irresistible.

  16. Bonny Says:

    I tried these nd they were sooooo good!! i love ur blog and follow it quite often!!

  17. Grace Says:

    Thank you Bonny, we quite enjoy these too, a favourite with the teenagers.

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    […] Here is the recipe I used, which looks just fine. I think my problem was user error! Ooh! And upon looking at the recipe again, it WAS user error! It called for 8 oz chopped semisweet or bittersweet chocolate and I used 8 oz of unsweetened baking chocolate. Well, duh. Um, okay. Then I’ll just say they are delightfully dark. Black as night, more like! […]

  20. jane Says:

    how many cups for hersheys chocolate powder if i use it

  21. Grace Says:

    Jane are you asking how many cups cocoa powder to replace the chopped chocolate? If yes, I’ve not made these with cocoa but if I were going to test cocoa in this recipe I think I would use about 85 g (3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons) unsweetened cocoa and I may also increase the sugar to about 1 cup. Is the hershey’s powder sweetened? If it is, keeping the sugar at 3/4 cup may be sufficient.

  22. sonya Says:

    Hi Grace. This looks divine. I see you’ve used chocolate discs in the brownies. What brand is it? Thanks

  23. Grace Says:

    HI Sonya, I never noticed that I left the chips out of the ingredient list, I like chocolate so much I usually fold in chips when I’m making brownies. I used the Ghirardelli bittersweet (60%) chocolate chips you could also use the semisweet if you want (chips are smaller).

  24. Maria Says:

    I’ve just finished making them. Very rich and lovely. Thanks very much for the recipe. I’m taking these to a pot-luck. I’m sure they will go down very well.

  25. Grace Says:

    I’m so happy you enjoyed them Maria, happy Holidays!

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  27. Maria Says:

    I really wanted to take the time to thank you for this recipe. I have made over a dozen batches for my friends and family. It kicked off last Christmas where I wanted to make my presents. I’m a real convert for where I find my next great recipe. I think the real benefit I got was not only getting the recipe but also hearing about what does and doesn’t work. From this I always beat the mixture for a while after I add the flour. I thank you.

  28. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Very welcome Maria, this one of my family’s favourites. I was very happy to pick up that tip too, it’s amazing how one little change can make all the difference in a recipe. Very happy you enjoy them!

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