Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Friday, 1st October 2010

Every time I go to the market I can’t help but fill my cart with fruit.  Maybe that’s because the fruit on display is so tempting.  It’s usually fresh looking, blemish free and beautifully displayed.  I guess I’m a sucker for that kind of thing because it gets me every time.

A photo of a Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Fruit Crumble dessert in a red, heart-shaped ramekin placed on a white napkin with a dessert spoon.

This week I came home with baskets of pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Does that sound like too much?  I agree with you and the problem is I didn’t even stop with that!

We rarely get rhubarb in our market so how could I possibly pass by without grabbing a bunch?  Of course then I spotted the bananas so in the cart they went too. I reasoned to myself that they were green and would take a few days to ripen. Right? Wrong! (Can you guess what I made last night?  You’re right, banana bread!).

A photo taken looking down onto 3 Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Fruit Crumble desserts in red, heart-shaped ramekin placed on white doilies.

It was like a fruit party in my grocery cart!

When I got home, the kids didn’t fail to have something smart to say (who’s the adult anyway?), “How can three people possibly eat this much fruit?”  I know they’re right but I couldn’t help myself.

Besides, I had a plan.

A photo of a handful of rhubarb stalks with a few raspberries.

I remembered in my book, The Flavor Bible, that rhubarb and raspberries taste delicious together and that pears and raspberries were also a good combination.

I subscribe to the “more is more” philosophy so if rhubarb tastes great with raspberries and raspberries taste great with pears, then the three together should taste out of this world!

Here was my plan.  To create an “out of this world” fruit crumble.

A photo of a Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Fruit Crumble dessert in a red, heart-shaped ramekin placed on a white napkin with a dessert spoon and two additional fruit crumbles placed in behind.

I decided to make a Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble with a hint of orange and vanilla.  The sweet/sour combination was amazing!  The hint of orange was delicious but I especially liked the addition of vanilla.  I’ve never used vanilla in a crumble before but I noticed Gordon Ramsay uses vanilla sugar in his rhubarb crumble and I was curious to see if it really made a difference.  It did!  Absolutely delicious! And, the finishing touch?  Cinnamon.  It added just the right amount of warmth to the dessert.

A photo of a Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Fruit Crumble dessert topped with vanilla ice cream in a red, heart-shaped ramekin placed on a multi-coloured napkin with a dessert spoon.

I served my Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumbles with vanilla ice cream. Sweetened whipped cream would be a nice alternative.  If you want to make your Fruit Crumble even more special you could serve it with crème anglaise.

If you’re like me and you can’t resist fresh fruit, crumbles are quick, easy, versatile and of course, “out of this world” delicious!

A photo of 3 Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Fruit Crumbles desserts in red heart-shaped ramekins placed on white doilies and pictured with a dessert spoon.

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23 Responses to “Pear, Rhubarb and Raspberry Fruit Crumble”

  1. Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes Says:

    Looks delicious! Plus I love your bowls, so cute!

  2. Grace Says:

    Thanks Jessica, these bowls traveled a long way to be with me.

  3. Jennifer @ Maple n Cornbread Says:

    I’m the same way going to the market! Lovely fruit combo here!!

  4. Grace Says:

    So happy to know I am not alone Jennifer.

  5. marla {family fresh cooking} Says:

    These crisps are filled with so many goodies. Love all the fruit tucked inside.

  6. Lina Says:

    i wanna shovel this into my mouth !

  7. Grace Says:

    too funny Lina

  8. Cajun Chef Ryan Says:

    Great combination of flavors, and the presentation is perfect!

    Bon appetit!

  9. Marly Says:

    I do the same thing – put way too much fruit in the basket. But it’s so hard when it looks so good. I want it all! What a great way to deal with that “problem!” The recipe looks delicious!

  10. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    Wonderful combination of fruit! This would be a big hit in my household.

  11. Jasmine Says:

    I just stumbled upon your site doing a search for gourmet desserts/cupcakes and I am SO impressed! Adore your layout, photos and generosity of sharing recipes and links. This latest crumble looks divine and I look forward to trying it!

  12. Grace Says:

    Thanks Jasmine, glad you enjoyed your visit!

  13. dining table Says:

    This is just lovely! This is going to be a wonderful dessert. I also love those heart-shaped bowls.

  14. Chef Dennis Says:

    Hi Grace

    I do love a good crumble and yours looks exceptional! I have never used rhubarb in baking, but it does seem to be a favorite of many bakers.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe!


  15. Grace Says:

    Thank you for stopping in for a visit Dennis, Rhubarb happens to be a favourite for me, my mother in law introduced it to me years ago and ever since Strawberry-Rhubarb pie has been my favourite. This is the 1st time I used it in crumble, but definitely won’t be the last!

  16. Jeanette Says:

    I love the combination of fruits and orange in the filling. Beautiful colors and photos too.

  17. Evan Thomas Says:

    You make it sound so simple for something with really interesting flavors; if I ever get rhubarb, I’ll have to try this!

  18. Grace Says:

    Evan this was one of the easiest recipes I have ever made. My son had been bugging me for apple crisp but I wanted to try something a little different.

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  21. Dana Says:

    Can these be made without flour for Celiacs? If so, I am all over these this weekend!

  22. Grace Says:

    Dana I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of Celiac disease, the flour is used to thicken the filling can you tolerate cornstarch? If you can I would dissolve it in the orange juice and then pour it through a fine sieve to remove any lumps and then toss it with the fruit. I believe the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons flour so I would substitute with 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Let me know if cornstarch is not an option and I will reach out to one of my blogging friends and find out what can be used instead.

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