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Whenever I make coffee cake or tea cake I usually bake an extra one to tuck away in the freezer for times when life gets too hectic and there isn’t time to get in the kitchen. Plus it’s also nice to have on hand in case I need to give a little homemade goodness to family and friends. Yesterday afternoon I took this practice to the extreme because I made not two, not three, but four Blueberry Almond Cakes.

A photo of a Blueberry Almond Cake on a white cake stand with a few blueberries on the side.

I couldn’t help myself! The cake is so flavourful; almonds and blueberries go so well together. The cake’s also extremely moist and bursting with blueberries.

A photo of fresh blueberries.

These are the types of cakes I grew up with. Cakes with frosting were a rarity in our home, saved generally for birthdays or special occasions. And usually those cakes were store-bought or made from a box mix. And the frosting well it was store-bought too.

A photo of a Blueberry Coffee Cake on a white cake stand with a slice removed and displayed on a small white dish.

Maybe that’s why I’m so found of the pairing of fruit and nuts. I especially enjoy the pairing with chocolate.

A photo of fresh eggs in a blue egg dish.

I wish I had employed a handy tip I picked up years ago reserving a tablespoon or two of flour and tossing the berries in the flour before folding them in. I may have been rewarded with an Almond Cake dotted throughout with dark blue gems. Unfortunately I didn’t remember the tip with the first cake, nor the second and not even the third. And the fourth you ask-absolutely not! I take comfort in the fact that a few blueberries had a mind of their own and they made there may to the centre of the cake and I was very lucky that a few stayed close to the top.

A photo of an Almond Cake with Blueberries on a white cake stand.

Bottom-heavy berries aside, this is a cake I will turn to time and time again. That’s because everyone enjoyed it immensely (especially served warm with lemon crème fraiche and fresh blueberries) and also because the cake is incredibly versatile. Next time I have a craving for a fruit and nut cake  – Almond and Apple Cake or Raspberry-Almond Cake? The possibilities are endless.

A photo of a stemmed blue dish filled with freshly washed blueberries.

Here’s some ideas that came to mind you could try with this recipe:

  • You could switch out the almond meal for any nut meal.
  • You could opt out of adding blueberries altogether or you could use another berry in its place.
  • The cake could be glazed (mmm!)
  • You could also add any flavour profile you choose. For example, how about a Raspberry Pecan Cake with Grand Marnier and a Lemon Glaze? Doesn’t that sound amazing?

A photo of of slice of Almond Cake on a white dish with a glass of milk.

Penny (Jeroxie) shared a similar Almond Cake the other day. In her cake she paired the almonds with coconut. Her cake is also gluten free and most importantly it looks scrumptious. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you, Penny!

A photo of almonds in a pale blue flan dish.

My Mom may have never made frosted cakes, cupcakes or brownies but she did make quite a few Almond Cakes while I was growing up and they were always out of this world delicious! I was reminded of that when I was baking this Blueberry Almond Cake because it filled my home with that familiar, comforting aroma. I hope some day my children will have these same aromas wash over them with the same feelings of comfort as I do.

A photo of 2 pieces of Blueberry Almond Cake garnished with fresh blueberries on small white dessert dishes.

A photo of a slice of Blueberry Coffee Cake garnished with blueberries on a blue plate.

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  1. Lyndsey @ Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops Says:

    Another stunning creation! Beautiful pictures as well.

    I also wanted to let you know that I passed on the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ to you.

  2. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Lyndsey – I am so honoured!

  3. Jessica @ How Sweet Says:

    What a beautiful cake. Delicious too!

  4. lauren Says:

    This looks wonderful. I Love both blueberries and almonds. Never thought to put them together….genius. You photos are amazing as well. Off to the store now to get these necessary items to make this stuff. Thank you

  5. Firefly Says:

    As soon as I saw blueberries I had to come LOL It looks so beautiful and yummy :)

  6. Vicki @ Wilde in the Kitchen Says:

    This cake sounds delicious, I love the almond & blueberry combination! Such pretty photos to accompany a great recipe!

  7. fooddreamer Says:

    This looks fantastic. But four of them? That is a marathon coffee cake day!

  8. Grace Says:

    Hey Carolyn I have 6 brothers and sisters and the recipe was so easy I just kept going.

  9. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    This looks wonderful – perfect with a big cup of tea.

  10. Feast on the Cheap Says:

    Sort of off-topic, but I LOVE that egg crate…

  11. Grace Says:

    Thanks, my lucky find at one of my favourite stores, Anthropologie. I would be in so much trouble if we had one here in our city.

  12. Afternoon Tea Fan Says:

    Can’t tell whether the cake or the beautiful pictures look better.

  13. Grace Says:

    Thank you

  14. Joy Says:

    That looks wonderful.

  15. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen Says:

    Wow, 4 cakes! I love almond cakes, they are always so moist, and of course adding berries just makes it that much better. I like your idea of glazing it, maybe with a lemon glaze? That might be nice with the almonds and blueberries.

  16. Grace Says:

    Sylvie I think the lemon glaze would have been perfect in these cakes and also some zest in the cake but unfortunately too late now, but next time for sure.

  17. Trisha Says:

    The cake is lovely .. i also adore your tableware … all your pictures are so well thought out and pretty!

  18. FatKid FoodBlog Says:

    This is the most perfect thing ever!

  19. orange cake recipe Says: must have been one busy kitchen baking all those cakes at once! I just bought a whole bunch of blueberries on sale the other day so having this recipe is perfect timing. A good one to try! Thanks:)

  20. sophistimom Says:

    Don’t you love Donna Hay?? Every magazine is pure heaven. Beautiful cake. I can’t wait to try it!

  21. Grace Says:

    She’s the best!

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  23. Julia Says:

    Where do you get self – rising flour? I can’t seem to find it anywhere!
    Fantastic recipe, it looks amazing. I think I will try it out with a light glaze…great idea!

  24. Grace Says:

    Julia you should be able to find it in your grocery store baking aisle. I know it is available online, but maybe you could check some of the speciality markets in your area, they tend to carry speciality ingredients. I know I never noticed in the grocery aisle until I spotted it in a recipe and went on the hunt for it.

  25. penny aka jeroxie Says:

    Thanks for the mention. This blueberry cake sounds and look amazing. I can’t wait till blueberry season kicks in. :)

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  27. Choc Chip Uru Says:

    This cake looks super delicious, light and fluffy – your blog is fast becoming a favourite!

    Choc Chip
    Latest: Double Nutella Brownie Cheesecake

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