Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Friday, 11th March 2011

I really enjoyed making these Hazelnut, Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Ganache Tarts. I couldn’t help but think of the arrival of spring, summer, warm weather, and visiting the local fruit farms. During the berry growing seasons I pick baskets and baskets of fresh berries and then set out to can jars and jars of jam, jellies, pie fillings and fruit in spirits.  I also freeze a good amount of berries for use through the winter months.  The frozen berries are perfect in muffins, coffee cakes, breads, crumbles and sauces.

A photo of six Hazelnut, Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Ganache Tarts on a dark wooden board.

The last couple of years I went a tad overboard preserving fruits.  Thankfully I share my spring/summer creations with family and friends.  I still have quite a few bags of frozen berries and I decided to make a quick, “seedless” Raspberry Jam for these tarts.

A photo of White Chocolate Tarts mise en place.

The jam couldn’t be easier to make, toss in sugar and bake for 35 minutes and then pass through a fine sieve.  Store-bought jam can’t beat the fresh taste of homemade.

A photo of White Chocolate Tarts with a layer of seedless Raspberry Jam and garnished with fresh raspberries displayed on a white cake stand.

I chose a White Chocolate Ganache filling with a twist.  I added mascarpone cheese. The mascarpone gives the filling a creamy richness while cutting through the sweetness of the white chocolate.  The white chocolate complements the jam and brings out the flavour of the raspberries.  And both pair well with the hazelnut pastry.

A photo of White Chocolate Raspberry Tarts displayed with Raspberry Jam and a bow of fresh Raspberries.

I must say I was a little (a lot!) disappointed when I awoke this morning to yet another blanket (a very large blanket) of the white stuff.  Visions of sweet berries and warm weather quickly disappeared.  Only the tiniest bit of blue-green can be seen on my Colorado Spruces.  Spring are you listening?  It’s time to make your grand reappearance!

A photo of White Chocolate Raspberry Tarts displayed with homemade raspberry jam.

These White Chocolate Tarts were a great reminder of summer.  It was lovely to escape winter, if only for a day.

A photo of White Chocolate Tarts with Raspberry Jam mise en place.

I leave you with this thought – rich, buttery hazelnut pastry, creamy, luscious white chocolate and the fresh taste of raspberries – can be enjoyed all-year-long!

A photo of a White Chocolate Tart garnished with fresh raspberries on a small cupcake stand.

If you prefer dark chocolate tarts these Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts are double the chocolate with a Chocolate Shortcrust Pastry.

A photo taken looking down on six Hazelnut, Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Ganache Tarts garnished with fresh raspberries.

A photo taken looking down at fresh raspberries arranged in the shape of a heart.

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38 Responses to “Hazelnut, Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Ganache Tarts”

  1. Pauline Says:

    You are so right about home made jam, these look great, I have a fork ready, great flavour combos too.

  2. briarrose Says:

    Beautiful little tarts. What a great combination of flavors.

  3. Lauren at Keep It Sweet Says:

    Such a gorgeous dessert and it sounds amazing!

  4. Evan Thomas Says:

    These sound delicious! Hard to believe they’re reasonably simple, too.

  5. Grace Says:

    Really simple Evan especially the jam.

  6. Kenni Says:

    These are stunning! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making jam. How long does the raspberry jam last in the fridge?

  7. Grace Says:

    Kenni you will want to make this jam in small batches because it only keeps for about 7 to 10 days. Any berry can be substituted as well.

  8. Silvertongue62 Says:

    This look gooooood !

  9. Sara Says:

    I love the raspberry jam on the bottom of the tarts….kind of a surprise when you bite them. Oh I so have to try these!

  10. Grace Says:

    Sara they are so good, you’ll be very happy you tried them.

  11. Firefly Says:

    Beautiful and so yummy! Love raspberries :)

  12. sarah Says:

    Oh my, these are gorgeous!

  13. Big Boys Oven Says:

    wow explosive tarts, deliciously prepare! I love it!

  14. Ethan Says:

    Is it summer yet? I can’t get over how great your pictures are!

  15. Grace Says:

    Thank you Ethan!

  16. Medeja Says:

    I like that white chocolate and raspberry combination. they sound and look very delicious :)

  17. fooddreamer Says:

    Gorgeous, as always. I love the combo of hazelnuts, raspberries and white chocolate.

  18. marla {family fresh cooking} Says:

    These tarts are beautiful! I really want to get my hands on your homemade raspberry jam ;)

  19. Grace Says:

    It was so easy Marla yet so good.

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  21. Lizzy Says:

    Gorgeous~~~and I’m all for any recipe with white chocolate :)

  22. Claire Says:

    So pretty!! Perfect for a party!

  23. Lynne Says:

    yum! these look fantastic

  24. sonia Says:

    The tarts are looking awesome… ! Congrats on being top 9 !

  25. Grace Says:

    Thanks Sonia

  26. Chef Dennis Says:


    congrats on your top 9 today!! your images are stunning!! Your styling is really rocking the house, everything looks incredible!


  27. Cooking Rookie Says:

    Eveyrhing is beautiful about this post – the recipe, the photos, the tarts, the raspberries! I am glad I found your blog and congrats on Foodbuzz top 9!

  28. Nadia Says:

    They look wonderful and I love the combos.
    Thank you for sharing.

  29. Feast on the Cheap Says:

    These would be perfect for all those spring bridal showers!

  30. Grace Says:

    You are so right, I will put that on my list for my niece’s upcoming bridal shower, I think I will make them in smaller tart tins.

  31. SMITH BITES Says:

    WOW!! these are stunning Grace!!!

  32. Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls Says:

    Beautiful tarts! Perfect for spring!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  33. claire Says:

    those raspberries are gorgeous!!! can’t wait until summer is here and they’re in season again.

  34. Mark Says:

    These are great. They look like they belong in a movie, where someone is tempted to eat them…

  35. Beth Says:

    These look gorgeous. Bookmarked!

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