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Do you ever wonder what the word “Soufflé” means?  The literal definition is, “To blow up”.  Hmm, that sounds like an accurate description of some of my cooking projects.  James Beard said, “The only thing that will make a soufflé fall is if it knows you are afraid of it.”  So why do most people fear making a soufflé?

A photo of a Nutella Soufflé dessert, served in a brown ramekin and placed on a white napkin with a dessert spoon.

There are many types of soufflés, sweet (my favourite, of course!), savoury and frozen (hoping to make soon).  The structure of a soufflé is quite delicate.  The perfect soufflé will be light and fluffy in texture with a creamy centre (not runny).

A photo of three Chocolate Souffle desserts in brown ramekins placed on a wooden board with dessert spoons.

I remember feeling full of this “fear” before making my first soufflé.  And I think Mr. Beard is right – that first soufflé knew it!  But today I’m armed with a few good tips for making soufflé, and do you know what? With these tips in hand, making a soufflé is actually a simple process.  Simple you may ask?  Continue on, dear reader, and you’ll see for yourself.

A photo of two Chocolate Dessert, Chocolate Souffle served in white bowls and placed on a white rectangular dish.

Soufflé Tips

Begin your soufflé with a flavoured base and then “lighten” the base with beaten eggs whites.  This particular recipe for Nutella Soufflé is extremely easy.  The flavour base is made up of very few ingredients, egg yolks, melted Nutella, Frangelico, vanilla and a pinch of salt.

A photo of two Chocolate Souffles in brown ramekins set on a dark wooden board with dessert spoons and a white napkin.

These are the tips I’ve learned for making a good soufflé:

  • Dish it up! Use the proper baking dish, round with straight sides (I strayed from this tip this time and as you can see in the photos I didn’t achieve that straight-sided rise).
  • Greasing the skids.  Take a few moments to properly grease the baking dishes.  This is done using a pastry brush and brushing with even upward strokes.  And then coating with sugar or grated chocolate for a sweet soufflé or cheese, breadcrumbs or cornmeal for a savoury soufflé.
  • Preparation is key.  Prepare all your ingredients prior to making the soufflé (mise en place) and use precise measurements.
  • Bring on the heat! Preheating your oven is very important; to rise properly the soufflé needs a very hot oven.
  • Just beat it.  Do not over beat the egg whites because it will be difficult to incorporate into the flavoured base and when baked you will have bits of cooked egg in the centres.  Also very important once the egg whites are beaten they begin to deflate so you must move quickly but remember gently fold (you don’t want to lose the volume).
  • White ties and top hats.  To create a “top-hat” effect, run your thumb along the rim of each baking dish, slightly inside the mixture (this will help it rise evenly).
  • Best for last! The most important tip, “a soufflé waits for no one” (not even photos!), serve immediately!

A photo of two Nutella Souffle desserts placed on a dark wooden board.

Soufflè di Nutella is quite rich and in hindsight I wish I would have baked in 4-ounce dishes.  It didn’t really matter this time because Matt (my son) and his friends had these luscious chocolate desserts devoured in no time.

A photo of Chocolate Souffle desserts in white dishes with saucers.

So conquer your fears and tame that soufflé explosion.  Keep my tips handy and show off at your next dinner party – imagine the looks of admiration you’ll get from your dinner quests when you serve this rich, luscious, and elegant dessert.

A photo of a Soufflè di Nutella - Nutella Soufflé served in a white bowl and placed on a white dessert dish with a napkin and a dessert spoon.

A photo taken looking down on a Chocolate Souffle served in a ramekin on a white napkin with a dessert spoon.

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24 Responses to “Soufflè di Nutella – Nutella Soufflé”

  1. RavieNomNoms Says:

    So gorgeous!

  2. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    Your son’s friends must love coming over to your house. An afternoon snack of gorgeous souffles is not too shabby!

  3. Grace Says:

    Dara the house is always full of teenagers on the weekend, word is out Mrs. Langlois is making treats. This week the weekend started early PD day on Friday. They arrived Thursday evening and they are still here.

  4. Sara Says:

    I just bought nutella so I had to bookmark this recipe. And thanks for all the tips. I’m one of those who fear souffles…I guess I will have to meditate before attempting it and let the fear go away first!

  5. Elyse @The Cultural Dish Says:

    I definitely like a sweet souffle as well and using nutella sounds amazing!

  6. jo Says:

    Hi! This looks amazing and my family loves Nutella. I’m definetely making this. At what temperature should it be baked ?

  7. Grace Says:

    HI Jo – so sorry about that and thanks for catching my error – just updated the recipe, oven should be set to 190° C (375° F).

  8. Joy Says:

    That looks wonderful.

  9. sensiblecooking Says:

    I thought I over did the dessert over the weekend apparently not. So making this tonight.

  10. cooking rookie Says:

    One more beatiful dessert! I did not know the meaning of the word souffle, now I don’t feel so bad about the look of my soffles :-).
    And I’m very curioius to try Frangelico, have never heard of it before.

  11. Grace Says:

    Frangelico is delicious and I use it so often in baking. I think you can purchase the small bottle too, this way you can try it before investing in a large bottle.

  12. Lisa @ Says:

    I’m so excited to make a Nutella souffle!
    Do you serve it with whipped cream??


  13. Grace Says:

    Whipped cream would be delicious Lisa and yes I do, my favourite actually.

  14. Bianca Says:

    This was amazing! I made it but I used baileys instead (it was what I had spare) and it was delicous. I’m surprised I made it and surprised I actually liked it due to the fact that I don’t really like nutella.

  15. Grace Says:

    I am so happy you enjoyed Bianca and Baileys would be an amazing substitution, must try it next time!

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  17. Ariane Says:

    Grace, can you prepare these a day before and bake them the day after?

  18. Grace Says:

    Ariane I wish I had your willpower, I’ve never done made ahead but I don’t see a problem with it, the only thing to be mindful of is that if you are taking directly from fridge to preheated oven you will need a few extra minutes of cooking time.

  19. Emil Says:

    Looks perfect, beautiful and very nutella-ish!

  20. Jess Says:

    This looked amazing! I decided to try the recipe right away … the souffles were delicious! Thank you!

  21. Grace Says:

    Hi Jess, these are one of my late night guilty pleasures, so happy you enjoyed!

  22. Hollie Says:

    I recently got some ramekins and i wanted to make some sort of souflle…i am not super experienced and they were quite easy to make, they turned out really good… at first i was scared to make them but then i just did it, following everything exact good directions helped alot thanks for the recipe =)

  23. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Hi Hollie, I know exactly how you feel, souffles scared me too. I’m so happy you enjoyed them.

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