Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Friday, 27th May 2011

With my niece’s (Natalie) bridal shower fast approaching my sisters and I have been busy in and out of the kitchen preparing for the special day.  We want our dessert table to be filled not only with traditional Italian Cookies but also mini Italian DessertsItalian Pastries and mini Italian Cakes.  The sweets need to be made ahead and this Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta is perfect.  I knew they would be extra special topped with this scrumptious Port Cherry Sauce.

A photo of two Italian Desserts, Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta with Port Cherry Sauce served on pink dessert dishes.

I plan on serving the Panna Cotta in shot glasses.  The Port Cherry Sauce will add another flavour dimension but it will also add a striking pop of colour.

A photo of three Chocolate Panna Cotta Italian Desserts served with a dollop of Sweetened Whipped Cream in dark brown dessert cups.

I made them just before heading off to Atlanta for a Food Blogging Conference.  I don’t know about you but I’m always run off my feet before heading out of town.  I wanted to make something special for the kids and my Mom to enjoy for dessert while I was away. Panna Cotta is so simple to make and it takes so little time, the perfect dessert when time is precious.

A photo of 2 beater attachments enrobed in freshly whipped Sweetened Whipped Cream.

Natalie popped in for a visit while I was away and again last night.  She mentioned she enjoyed the panna cotta, especially the Port Cherry Sauce.  I think she will be pleasantly surprised when she sees the panna cotta on the dessert table.  That is, if she doesn’t see this post ahead of time.  I’m counting on her being very busy with wedding plans leaving little time for reading.

A photo of three Chocolate Panna Cotta Desserts in brown ramekins displayed on a dark wooden board with dessert spoons.

The week leading up to the shower will be hectic.  I plan on making Cannoli Siciliani, Cannoncini alla Crema Pasticcera, mini Torta Caprese, mini Hazelnut, Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Tarts, mini Triple Chocolate Mousse Cakes and homemade Baci Chocolates.  We’ve had the most terrible time planning the shower, if something could go wrong it has.  Fingers crossed, I am hoping our luck will change and that in the end all will go well.

A photo of an Italian Dessert, Panna Cotta served with a Port Cherry Sauce and a quenelle of Sweetened Whipped Cream.

If you’ve never tried Panna Cotta I urge you to give it a try.  Panna Cotta has a smooth, creamy consistency and it’s a versatile dessert.  Add whatever flavourings you fancy, the possibilities are endless. And the dessert can be topped simply with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream, fresh berries, or with berry compote, caramel, chocolate or berry sauce.

A photo of three Chocolate Panna Cotta Italian Desserts served with a dollop of Sweetened Whipped Cream in brown dessert cups arranged in a row, one behind the other.

I want to take a moment and thank you all for the well wishes on my upcoming cookbook release.  This is a very exciting time in “My Sweet Journey” and I am enjoying every minute developing and testing recipes and of course tasting.  It’s been especially wonderful revisiting family recipes and taking a walk down memory lane.

A photo of an Italian Dessert, Chocolate Panna Cotta with Port Cherry Sauce served on a pink dessert dish placed on top of a white cloth napkin.

A photo of an Italian Chocolate Dessert, Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta served with a dollop of Sweetened Whipped Cream in a ramekin placed on a white cloth napkin with a antique dessert spoon.

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12 Responses to “Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta with Port Cherry Sauce”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I love panna cotta but I usually make fruit versions – I can imagine a chocolate panna cotta is lovely and the source sounds divine. Good luck with the rest of the preparations, sounds like you have a huge amount to get through!

  2. Lauren at Keep It Sweet Says:

    That might be the best looking panna cotta I’ve ever seen!

  3. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    How lucky your niece is to have you working behind the scenes. The port-cherry sauce sounds good enough to eat by itself.

  4. Grace Says:

    Dara there’a a whole group of us Aunts and my Mom preparing for Natalie’s big day. It’s a family tradition.

  5. hk Says:

    Hi! I’m a new reader, also from London, and have enjoyed browsing through your dishes. Home town is the Sault, where all are Italian or wish we were. The Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta just went in the fridge. I haven’t found a good place to buy chocolate here, can you let me in on your secret. Where to buy the paneangeli would be also helpful.

  6. Grace Says:

    There are a couple of places, but you are so right so very difficult to find ingredients here, especially good chocolate. When I visit my brother in the US I usually stock up on chocolate. Here at home I usually visit Remarks on the corner of Oxford & Hyde Park and there is a great chocolatier in the market downtown. The Paneangeli is a little harder to find, some of the Metro locations in the south end of the city carry it, Angelo’s was my supplier but now I will probably head to International Bakery (small Italian Bakery) (my sister buys it here), it is located between the corners of Adelaide & Hamilton and Hamilton & William. It’s been around for years and years. Baking powder and vanilla extract can be substituted for the Paneangeli but getting the correct amount for substitution has always been difficult to find and I find the taste and texture is not the same. I was a little thrown because some mentioned it had cornstarch. My mother has always used Paneangeli, I don’t even think they have baking powder in Italy or at least not when my Mom was growing up there. I think it was a new ingredient for her when she came here. I miss Angelo’s (they also carried a good supply of European Chocolate) because it carried so many of the hard to find Italian ingredients, but good news I think they may re-open at the Thompson Road location, keeping my fingers crossed. By the way if you run across the brand Bertolini, you can use as well, they manufacture the cake yeast too.

    It’s funny you posted a comment today because I have another reader that commented today and she is from Port Stanley, it really is a small world.

  7. Liz Says:

    A cool chocolate dessert would be perfect on this scorching hot day! What a gorgeous treat~

  8. Alexis Says:

    Grrrr. I am so dissapointed I will be missing out on all these treats! Ricardo and I will be in Vegas, so I suppose my tastebuds will still be tickled there. If you’d like me to pick you up something that’s hard to find up here, just let me know! xo

  9. Grace Says:

    Oh no Alexis but wish I was coming with you, I am so jealous, my favourite place to visit. Where are you staying? Could definitely use some good chocolate. I’ll give you a call this week.

  10. Valentina Says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks fabulous! I personally love panna cotta and I used to eat it all the time when I lived in Italy… I’ve never had a chocolate version though! I must try to make this.

  11. la panna Says:

    i like this.. thank’s you very much ,.. good job

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    […] Original recipe: […]

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