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My daughter, Liana, has been all over me in the last couple of weeks about all the little containers of leftover melted chocolate and toasted nuts I have in the fridge.  That’s what I get for asking her to clean out the fridge; apparently it’s my fault the fridge is in such disarray.  Hmm…I think not!  Regardless, it was time to put all that luscious chocolate to good use.  I decided to make Salame al Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami).

A photo of Salame al Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami) hanging and decorated to resemble Savoury Salami.

Salame al Cioccolato is an Italian Dessert traditionally made using dark chocolate, cookies and dark rum. Like most recipes the traditional has been altered over the years and today you’ll see versions with nuts and dried fruit.

A photo of a Chocolate Dessert, Chocolate Salami made to resemble savoury salami.

If you have little ones, it’s a fun afternoon activity, there’s no baking involved and the kids can enjoy making their very own mini Chocolate Salami.  Remember if you’re making a kid-friendly version, exclude the rum and add a little more vanilla extract.  Cut up mini marshmallows could be used to resemble the fat in savoury salami.

A photo of a traditional Italian Dessert, Salame al Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami) decorated to look like a savoury salami, displayed on a wooden cutting board with a few cut slices to showcase the look of the inside of the salami.

I like to serve my Salame al Cioccolato with an after dinner liqueur.  Instead of serving in slices I generally leave it whole and present on a wooden board allowing my guests to slice their own piece. Really no different to when I am serving an array of Italian meats and cheeses.

A photo of an Italian Chocolate dessert, Chocolate Salami cut in slices and displayed on a white rectangular dish.

It’s a great conversation piece; usually sparks a conversation about traditional dishes each of the guests have grown up eating.  And the conversation usually puts everyone at ease, an icebreaker if you will, especially when introducing couples for the first time.

A photo of a Chocolate Salami wrapped in parchment and string displayed on a large, white square dish.

Salame al Cioccolato may be simple in preparation but don’t let that fool you, it delivers huge in flavour – rich chocolate, a trio of toasted nuts, and just a hint of rum – delicious! Every time I make this dessert I find myself questioning whether it’s the taste or the texture that entices me.  The one thing I am certain of, the wonderful soft, melt-in-your-mouth decadent chocolate combined with the amazing crunch via the toasted nuts and cookies never have me questioning if one slice is ever enough – No!

A photo of a Salame al Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami) wrapped in non-stick baking paper secured with string on a dark wooden cutting board.

Wishing you all a sunny, warm and relaxing weekend.  In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared another quick and easy Italian dessert Torta di Fragole e Crema Soffice di Yogurt.  It’s light, refreshing and perfect for summer entertaining.

A photo of a partially wrapped Chocolate Salami on a wooden board with a few cut slices arranged in front.

A photo of a delicious chocolate treat, Chocolate Salami - wrapped in parchment and secured with string to resemble a savoury salami.

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44 Responses to “Salame al Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami)”

  1. Parsley Sage Says:

    Chocolate salami sounds pretty darn cool! I’m sure is a smash hit at parties :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paula at Dishing The Divine Says:

    what a *creative* idea! I love the photos!

  3. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    I have always wanted to make chocolate salami. What a fun project to do with the kids. Your presentation is inspired!

  4. Maria Says:

    My kind of salami:)

  5. Evan Thomas Says:

    This is so beautiful and such a great idea. I’d eat it all in a second!

  6. Kathy - Panini Happy Says:

    That’s just amazing. Never seen chocolate salami before – you had me fooled!

  7. Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite Says:

    Oh my goodness Grace – have the Charcutepalooza people seen this? It’s wonderful! It definitely looks like a fun project to do with kids or else a fancy addition to a cheese and fruit platter. Happy weekend!

  8. Grace Says:

    Thanks Mardi, Charcutepalooza people? Not sure who they are.

  9. Marly Says:

    It’s so creative. I’ve never seen anything like this before. What a fun thing it would be to serve at parties!

  10. Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite Says:

    I’ll tweet it at them – they will love it :)
    Charcutepalooza is a group of us working our way through Ruhlman’s “Charcuterie” book this year. It’s fun but chocolate salami is way cool too!

  11. Grace Says:

    Thanks Mardi! What a coincidence I was hunting for Michael’s “bacon how to” just this morning.

  12. Ma Says:

    How wonderful to serve the chocolate salame whole! I also make this recipe and have blogged about it October 2010 though I make an eggless version. (I’m squeemish about raw eggs!). I love the way you have wrapped it and serve it whole on a wooden board! Brilliant! I love your photos, as ever!

  13. Grace Says:

    The raw eggs get me a little squeemish too, I always make sure I get the freshest farm eggs when I am making. I like your eggless version, will definitely try if I don’t have fresh eggs on hand.

  14. penny aka jeroxie Says:

    This looks awesome! I am going to share it with the world.

  15. Grace Says:

    Penny you are so sweet – thank you!

  16. Jeanette Says:

    Grace – this is so interesting and creative – a great way to use all odd bits and pieces of chocolate and nuts for sure! Gorgeous photos!!

  17. Mysty Says:

    only that the recipe is no way near Italian, check your sources better next time.
    Biscuit salami is a very well known desert in eastern Europe

  18. Grace Says:

    Hi Mysty I appreciate your comments but I’m not sure if you read my post I did mention the traditional recipe was different but over time, like most recipes, other versions have been introduced. I added the nuts because for one I had so many leftover nuts it was a great way to use them up and two, I love the flavour of the toasted nuts with chocolate. I hope you’ll understand I was not trying to pass this off as the traditional. Often times recipes will vary from region to region as well.

  19. Carla Says:

    I’m sry to interfere, but it’s very typical in Portugal too, on winter…

  20. Grace Says:

    Yes I am aware they make the salami in Portugal too Carla, I think they use sweetened condensed milk in their version.

  21. Theresa Says:

    That’s so awesome! At first I was like “yay, salami!” – but when I realised it was CHOCOLATE salami I went a little bit crazy. Italians are so cool, this idea is just genius! I can’t wait to make it! :)

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  23. jade Says:

    wow- this sounds amazing! putting on my must-make list now!

  24. Eftychia Says:

    Delicious recipe. I have a similar recipe but without the nuts. Thanks for giving us a different version of chocolate salami!!

  25. Grace Says:

    Eftychia do you make it with the cookies alone? Or do you have a different version altogether?

  26. Julia Says:

    Wow, this is so cool, and a both great and delicious way to use up chocolate and nuts… thanks for the recipe!

  27. Jessica Says:

    Came across your blog on foodbuzz & am your newest follower!!!
    – Jessica

  28. Lydia Says:

    At a recent Italian Christening, I had a cookie which I tried to duplicate without success. It was a chocolate filling with hazelnuts and sandwiched between two torte sheets and cut into triangles. It was lovely, not overly sweet. I experimented using a ganache filling but it wasn’t the same. Are you familiar with this cookie? If so, I would love to know how to make it. The filling was firm, fudge consistency.

  29. Grace Says:

    Hi Lydia, when you say torte, do you mean like a sponge or was the biscotti part of the cookie crisp? I think I may know what you’re referring to and I have a feeling it may be a cookie from either the Sicilian or Calabrese region. Do you know where the family originates from? It will help to narrow down the cookie.

  30. Lydia Says:

    Thanks for the quick response Grace. The filling was sandwiched between two Tort Wafers — similar to an ice cream cone (not a sponge, not a biscotti). I was able to get these Tort Wafers (5 per pkg. 8 x 10 approx. at $1.99 Cdn. — made in Poland). Unfortunately, I do not know what part of Italy the family originates from.

  31. Grace Says:

    Lydia they are exactly the cookie that I am thinking about and I’m almost positive they are a cookie from either the Sicilian or Calabrese region. I am going to ask around for the name and I will get back to you as soon as I know what they are called. I’ve had them before but I can’t remember where, but you are so right they are delicious!

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  33. trina @ best salad recipes Says:

    OMG! What a fabulous salami recipe!! this sounds like a great variation. thanks for sharing! :)

  34. Como fazer um salame (de chocolate) – The Cookie Shop Says:

    […] consegui me decidir, fiz um mix de duas receitas que achei bacanas, do site Panelinha e do blog La Mia Vita Dolce – o resultado foi ótimo e, como rendeu bastante, vários amigos acabaram ganhando um salame […]

  35. anthony Says:

    my mom makes this every year at christmas since i was a little boy. it is soooo goood and although very fattening, its actually a highlight of the year!!!!!

  36. Taipan Says:

    Lovely recipe…just seen it! Two questions please.
    1. How long can it be safely stored in the fridge,
    2. Can it be frozen.

    Many thanks.

  37. Grace Says:

    Thank you Taipan, the chocolate salami will keep for up to 1 week in the refrigerator and up to 1 month in the freezer. Wrap the salami in parchment paper and then aluminum foil and if freezing for another layer of protection place in a freezer bag as well. A safe and happy holiday to you and your family Taipan.

  38. Valentina Says:

    before serve it, you could roll the salami into icing sugar (I’m not sure that’s the right name), so it seems a real salami! =)

  39. Grace Says:

    Yes I do that too Valentina.

  40. Kim Says:

    I don’t know you, but I think I might love you!

    In a purely non-creepy sort of way that is ;)

    I just put a double batch of this into my freezer to chill. Have a potluck at work tomorrow, Italian food. I didn’t want to bring another marinara soaked pasta dish, and asked a coworker who is from Italy what she thought I should do for an easy desert and she suggested Chocolate Salami. After reassuring me that she didn’t want me to dip slices of deli meat into chocolate, I found your site and followed the recipe… for the most part. A few substitutions based on what I had on hand…

    -Regular sugar instead of the super fine
    -amaretto liqueur instead of rum
    -pistachios, local pecans, and walnuts. Didn’t have time to toast them.
    -Danish butter cookies, and raspberry shortbread cookies.

    The amaretto and light raspberry are so good in this, and I was stunned by how fluffy and gorgeous the chocolate mixture turned out. One other alteration… I was also leery about raw eggs. I buy fresh organic eggs to begin with, but being a good biology student I just pasteurized them. I found instructions online, basically bring them up to 140 degrees F in a pot of water for 3 minutes, and don’t go over 142 F. Rinse the eggs in cool water afterwards to bring down the internal temp.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, my coworkers are going to love my tomorrow!! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes,thank you so much!!

  41. Grace Says:

    Hi Kim hope the Salami was a success and enjoyed by all.

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  43. Laura Says:

    Hello. Your recipes are great. In Romania this is a common recipe. It is easy do make and fast to eat. It is a little bit different, but very good. I will try this one too.

  44. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Thank you very much Laura.

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