Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Friday, 15th July 2011

A few weeks ago I shared with you my Mom’s recipe for my absolute favourite Italian Cookie, Amaretti and I mentioned I would soon share another family favourite.  Here it is, thin crispy and oh so delicious – Pizzelle.  The Pizzelle can also be referred to as Ferratelle.  It’s a thin waffle cookie originally made in the Abruzzi Region which just happens to be the region my family is from.

A photo of traditional Italian Cookies, Pizzelle-Ferratelle {Italian Waffle Cookies} originally made in the Abruzzi region.

My parents were both born and raised in Monteferrante, a small mountain town located in the province of Chieti.  I am long overdue for a visit (I haven’t been since 1979 – where did the time go?). I am looking forward to showing the kids where their grandparents were raised.  In fact, my mother’s home still belongs to the family. And although my uncle performed major renovations on the home it still retains its traditional charm.  Monteferrante is picturesque with its natural landscape and its steeped in tradition.

A photo of traditional Italian Cookies, Pizzelle shaped into waffle cups and filled with Mascarpone Cream {Crema di Mascarpone} and topped with a trio of fresh seasonal berries {frutti di bosco}.

The town is pretty quiet throughout the year but it comes to life in the summer when families escape the big city and return for the holidays, especially around festival time in August.

A photo of a tray of Italian Cookies, Pizzelle-Ferratelle {Italian Waffle Cookies} displayed in a variety of ways, edible cups, rolled waffle cones and traditionally in discs.

I have so many happy memories from my last visit.  I don’t think I will ever forget the steep, never-ending walk up the mountain to reach the beautiful church, San Giovanni Battista. The band was playing, everyone was laughing and singing.  We would also make the trek up the mountain to reach the “Castello” (castle).  The Castello is located at the very tip of the mountain and it overlooks the lake; the view is breathtaking.

A photo of Italian Cookies, Pizzelles.

I can’t wait to take the kids; we’ll definitely visit around festival time because all the towns host special celebrations, it’s one big party with amazing entertainment, the best food and delicious sweet treats!

A photo of Gourmet Cookies, traditional Italian Pizzelle shaped into cups and filled with Mascarpone Cream and topped with fresh berries.

Pizzelle are definitely among those treats.  Pizzelle are a family favourite and they are generally served at every family celebration.  Pizzelle aren’t overly sweet and you would think the young kids would be more interested in enjoying a cupcake or a brownie but not the kids in our family they all go crazy for Pizzelle.

A photo of Italian Cookies, Pizzelles, shaped into edible cups and filled with Mascarpone Cream {crema di mascarpone} and topped with a trio of berries {frutti di bosco}.

The traditional Pizzelle is flavoured with anise but they are quite versatile.  They can be flavoured with lemon; vanilla or some of the flour can be substituted with hazelnut or almond flour for a nutty flavour. And of course there is the Chocolate Pizzelle.  And if you can believe this, the queen of chocolate (me) has yet to try one.

A photo of Italian Cookies, Pizzelle displayed on a white tray with a pot of coffee and 2 coffee cups with saucers.

They can be rolled and filled with Cannoli Ricotta Cream or as I’ve prepared them today with a Mascarpone Cream and a trio of fresh berries (frutti di bosco).  I like to shape pizzelle into cups and fill them with gelato.  I’ve also made gelato ice cream sandwich cookies.  I could go on and on; the variations are endless.

A photo of Italian Gourmet Cookies, Pizzelle.

How will you serve your Pizzelle?

A photo of Traditional Italian Cookies, Pizzelle shaped into cups and filled with Mascarpone Cream (crema di mascarpone) and topped with fresh seasonal berries.


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31 Responses to “Pizzelle-Ferratelle {Italian Waffle Cookies}”

  1. Christine Says:

    Looks amazing! Love it! Well done!

  2. Evan Thomas Says:

    I love pizzelles. I haven’t made them since December. Great idea to make them into bowls.

  3. Julia Says:

    These look so delicious, and, even better, you can use them in so many ways! I will look for this recipe again when I plan on making a simple little tart crust… :D

  4. Adora's Box Says:

    I’ve never had pizzele but have seen them before. How gorgeous they look! Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  5. Maria Says:


  6. Kathleen Says:

    These look scrumptious!

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  8. Ilke Says:

    I love these!! Looks wonderful with the berries!
    Great job on the conversions! I have to do the same everytime someone from Turkey sends me a recipe!

  9. Grace Says:

    Isn’t it so frustrating Ilke.

  10. Lauren at Keep It Sweet Says:

    I love all the ways you used these! So creative!!

  11. Lala Says:

    Thanks you for the measurements! I have recipes like that as well.

    I am very hardline on one thing – it is not a pizzelle unless it is made with anise. Period, end of story for me. Other wise it is a flavored waffle cookie.

  12. Grace Says:

    Too funny Lala, my Mom was over the other day when I was making my Pizzelle and she was horrified that I put vanilla in them along with the anise, “Grace you’re not suppose to put vanilla in pizzelle – that’s not the way they are meant to taste!) I know she’s right but I love the taste of vanilla.

  13. Lala Says:

    I forgot to ask, what pizzelle iron do you use. My grandmother used to have a really great electric one (yes, we had the old kind that you put over the fire/heat as well). it has disappeared. I need to buy one so I am wondering what one you use. Thanks!

  14. Grace Says:

    Lala if you could only see my iron, it is so very old, if there was a name on it any where at some point it’s no longer visible. It’s a hand me down from my Mom and I can’t bring myself to part with it because I love how the pizzelle taste and because my Mom used it for years. I think my Mom uses one from Villaware. I bought her one when I was in Las Vegas years ago, I remember hauling it all the way back (it was so heavy) and it was a very expensive model (I think I paid over $300 25 years ago – I thought to myself she is going to love this, she would never spend this kind of money for a really good iron) unfortunately it’s still in the box, I think she only used it one time, she loves using her $40 iron, I learned the hard lesson that spending a lot of money on something doesn’t make it better (young and stupid).

  15. Cooking Foodie Says:

    I have had these and I love them.. your presentation is yum… the tarts are so cute!

  16. Lilly Says:

    What a wonderful receipe! The pizzelle with mascarpone and fruits are like litte presents =) No wonder the kids are all hyped about this!

  17. juliana Says:

    they look so yummy! i love that kind of cookies!
    i wish i have the iron so i can make them right now!

  18. Lisa { AuthenticSuburbanGourmet } Says:

    What a beautiful dessert! Love the fresh assortment of berries. Congrats on the Top 9 today!

  19. Kate@Diethood Says:

    I LOVE these cookies! And I am all over those cups filled with the berries… nom nom nom!!

  20. Marly Says:

    Oh, I do hope this means you’re heading off to Italy soon. Sounds like it would be a wonderful trip for you and your family! Love this recipe. I wish I had a Pizelle iron. Do they sell those at Bed, Bath and Beyond?

  21. Lydia Says:

    Hi Grace, I have an electric Pizzelle Baker from VillaWare and a StoveTop Pizzelle Iron. Doesn’t seem to have a name but just No.4. It was given to me by an Italian friend and purchased in Montreal. My preference is for the StoveTop version. Why? The cookies seem to bake better and are crispier. Tried your recipe, it was very nice. My little old Italian friend’s recipe is very similar but contains baking powder and that seems to make it a little lighter.

  22. Grace Says:

    Lydia I have yet to try with baking powder, I must try it one day soon. I would love a stovetop iron. If I make it to Italy next summer it will be on my to purchase list. I am hoping when I go back to the family home, one may be tucked away for me to hide in my suitcase. It would mean so much to me to have an iron my grandmother used to use. I loved her so much and miss her so much! I am really hoping to run across a pasta guitar as well.

  23. Lydia Says:

    Here’s my friend’s recipe.
    6 eggs
    18 tbs oil (I use Crisco) (1 cup plus 2 tbs.)
    3/4 cup sugar
    1 tsp vanilla
    3 cups flour
    1 tsp. baking powder

    Prepare batter same way you do The batter is not as firm as yours and drops easily from a heaped tsp.

    Do try it.

    Going to surf internet for stovetop version. If I find it, will pass along to you.

  24. Grace Says:

    Thanks Lydia, I think her’s are probably crispier because she has more oil, I read some where the more oil you add the crispier the pizzelle. I remember trying my Mom’s before actually getting the measurements right and I found less flour also makes them thinner and crisper. I am anxious to try with the baking powder.

  25. Lala Says:

    Oh, those handheld “old country” pizzelle makers are a LOT of work! I wish i knew who in the family stole my grandmother’s iron! i will just have to break down at some point and buy a new one. i don’t live too terribly far from baltimore. Maybe i will go to Little Italy there, roam around, and quiz women as to their maker brand preference.

    And your mother is correct! Only anise! LOL!

  26. Grace Says:

    Lala I really hope I run across one in our family home in Italy.

  27. Nazlie Says:

    How do you do the cups.

  28. Grace Says:

    I’m sorry Nazille I forgot to add that to the recipe. I have just updated the post with the how to on the cups and forms.

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  30. Stay-At-Home-Chef Says:

    You can’t imagine how happy I was to find this post! My family and I have always savoured Pizzelle but I have never attempted to make it myself. Your post has inspired me! I can’t wait to start experimenting with different flavour varieties. Happy New Year :)

  31. Sandra Says:

    Thank you for the amazing recipe.
    I found it easy to follow.
    I used the anise extract instead of the anise seeds and they came out quite good. I love the story leading up to the recipe.

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