Posted by Grace Massa Langlois on Friday, 4th November 2011

I know what you’re thinking, “More chocolate?” – Yes! – But not just any chocolate, undeniably delectable chocolate.  Light and creamy Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache sandwiched between two intense soft and chewy Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies.  Can you say, “Irresistible?”

A photo of soft and chewy Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies with Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache Filling.

I know I told you last week that my chocolate craving had been satisfied.  I thought it was.  But the Mocha Cupcakes only kicked off a more intense craving.  And the familiar twinges of withdrawal came creeping back this week.  I came to the realization that one chocolate dessert was never going to satisfy this chocoholic’s craving.

A photo of Chewy Chocolate Cookies cooling on a wire rack.

The question before me was, “How to satisfy my craving yet still be able to fit into my jeans?”  The answer was simple make “little” bundles of rich chocolate deliciousness.  I don’t know about you but I don’t feel near as guilty indulging in smaller-sized treats (probably why I make so many mini desserts).  I use this same logic at Halloween.  I’ve never felt guilty indulging in three bite-sized chocolate bars yet indulging in one regular-sized bar can set off pangs of guilt, often times, for days.

A photo of Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache filling.

At first I thought triple chocolate would suffice but then I thought I should add a little extra chocolate for good measure.  I decided on a white chocolate filling.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy white chocolate but it’s very sweet.  I wanted to cut the sweetness so off to the market I went in search of fresh berries.  The stars were definitely aligned because I arrived at the market just in time for the afternoon delivery.  The shelves were stocked neatly with baskets upon baskets of berries.  Too many to choose from, almost too many that is.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the ruby red gems and the choice was made. The raspberries came home with me.

A photo of Soft Chocolate Cookies filled with Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache.

I decided to make a quick raspberry jam to add to the filling.  But I wondered if it would cut the sweetness enough.  I decided to err on the side of caution and also added mascarpone cheese, not a lot – just enough.  It was delicious and creamy yet still not quite right.  Freshly whipped cream to the rescue. Finally – light, creamy and delicious!  The perfect filling sandwiched between rich, dark chocolate goodness.

A photo of a stack Chocolate Cookies on a dark wooden board with a few chocolate chips scattered on the board.

The question remains, did the logic pay off?  How many of these “little” bundles did I enjoy?  One?  Two? What do you think?

A photo of a Fudge Cookie filled with Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache.

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies With Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache Filling {Biscotti ai Tre Cioccolati con Ganache al Cioccolato Bianco e Lamponi}

Make 20 sandwich cookies

A photo of chocolate chocolate cookies cooling on a wire rack.

  • Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies {Biscotti ai Tre Cioccolati}
  • Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache Filling
  • Raspberry Jam
A photo of a Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie filled with Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache.

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39 Responses to “Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies with Raspberry-White Chocolate Ganache Filling”

  1. Kiri W. Says:

    Ooooh, sounds and looks delicious! How do you shape them so very perfectly?
    I love the occasional chip peeking through in some cookies :)

  2. Grace Says:

    Kiri I used a small ice cream scoop and then I rolled each into a ball. I chilled them for about 10 minutes and then baked.

  3. Christine Says:

    This looks so good. Love your photos.

  4. Stefanie Says:

    i know what my family is getting for Christmas! These look like perfect little packages!

  5. Carolyn Says:

    Love the round shape of these. Very eyecatching for a yummy dessert!

  6. Liz Says:

    Love these gems! Especially the raspberry white chocolate filling~

  7. easyfoodsmith Says:

    Truly irresistible and lovely presentation!

  8. Baker Street Says:

    love these! the filling sounds absolutely divine!

  9. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    I can tell you that my reaction was not “What, more chocolate?” It was, “Yes, another awesome chocolate dessert!” Seriously, you always come up with the best treats.

  10. Grace Says:

    Thank you Dara!

  11. SJ Says:

    These look delicious!

  12. Lauren at Keep It Sweet Says:

    If those were in my kitchen I’d eat too many to count! I am curious of how many you got to eat:-)

  13. Grace Says:

    Lauren too many!

  14. angela@spinachtiger Says:

    So irresistible I had to pin and tweet. Now I just need to make.

  15. Sandra Says:

    Very pretty Gracie and Congratulations on Top 9!

  16. Grace Says:

    Thanks Sandra!

  17. Amber, RD Says:

    You had me at triple chocolate. These look great. I love your pictures! Beautiful!

  18. Grace Says:

    Thanks Amber I had myself at triple chocolate.

  19. Jacqueline - The Dusty Baker Says:

    Yay for Top 9! These are gorgeous!! And yum – raspberry and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations.

  20. Grace Says:

    Me too Jacqueline. It was my daughter’s birthday today and I really wanted to make a White Chocolate Mud Cake with Raspberry I can’t get enough of the combination but she was craving red velvet, so red velvet it was.

  21. ezzirah Says:

    Can you say “YUM”….

    These look amazing!

  22. Kathryn Says:

    What an absolutely perfect combination of flavours. White chocolate and raspberry just work so well together especially when surrounded be more chocolate!

  23. lyly Says:

    Grace, your cookies look so good. I love the filling.

  24. Grace Says:

    Thank you

  25. Erica Says:

    Who ever thinks “more chocolate?”, in a negative way?!?! Not me!

  26. Jacqueline (CakeBoule) Says:

    I absolutley love this idea – balls of cake they are really fantastic. I do lots of cake truffles at but I have never considered this idea before – amazing! I must try these thank you so much for posting and you have a beautiful site :)

  27. Melissa Says:

    Hi Grace, Melissa here from Food Bloggers of Canada. Just popping by to check out your blog and let you know we’ve added you to our Membership Directory. Welcome aboard! You have some stunning photography on your blog as well as your recipes. Feeding all the senses ;-)

  28. Grace Says:

    Thanks Melissa, I am so late in joining but glad I finally had some time to come by and visit the site. You guys have done a wonderful job, a ton of informative information.

  29. Marty Says:

    They look like little Christmas ornaments! Only I’d be eating my Christmas tree :)

  30. Grace Says:

    me too Marty, I am a chocolate fanatic.

  31. cooking rookie Says:

    Love, love, love those cute chocolate cookies! I am not a big fan of white chocoalte, but I bet if I replace it with dark chocolate in a ganache it will taste amazing, but it would not look as gorgeous of course :-)

  32. Grace Says:

    Dark chocolate ganache sounds yum, my daughter wants me to make these for a Christmas cookie exchange this weekend, I think I will try some with the dark chocolate, it’s definitely up my alley. p.s. just liked your FB page

  33. Lisa Says:

    Your recipe for the cookie says:

    •80 g (1/3 cup + 1 teaspoon) caster (superfine) sugar
    •80 g (1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon) golden yellow sugar (light brown sugar)

    Is 80g 1/3 cup + 1 teaspoon or 1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon?

  34. beti Says:

    that is really decadent it looks so good

  35. Carol Says:

    Just stumbled onto your website WOW!!! Can you please tell me the name of the delectable delights on the top right of your home page.

  36. Grace Says:

    Carol are you talking about the profiteroles on my banner, the ones in the bowl? I’ve posted a recipe for them here I made my choux buns a bit bigger but you can make them smaller and they will match the ones in the image. I am making some today. One of my favourite pastries.

  37. Shea Goldstein Says:

    Beautiful! Stunning pictures, I bet the cookies are delicious.

  38. Will Says:

    Looking forward to making these tomorrow! Just wondering, what does leaving the cookies on the baking sheet for the first minute of cooling do?

  39. Grace Says:

    Will I find it helps set the cookie and makes it much easier to transfer to the wire rack without falling apart.

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