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I know I know Halloween has come and gone but I woke up Halloween morning to a picture accompanied with a note taped to the coffee pot, “please make these!” I couldn’t deny my daughter, Liana, these easy Halloween treats especially since they’re filled with White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Pudding. It’s not like I need an excuse to make homemade pudding, truth be told I make it quite often, usually late at night. I think it’s the best late-night indulgence. And it appears Liana has inherited the same late night craving. It will be interesting to see if she carries on with the tradition in the future.

Close up photo of White Chocolate Pudding in a glass jar displayed on a stack of dessert dishes with an orange acrylic spoon.

The days of the kids asking for Halloween treats to bring to school are long gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted the note on the coffee pot; it instantly transported me back in time. I would return home late from work long after the kids were tucked into bed. And I was welcomed home with a note taped to the refrigerator door, “Mom we’re having a party at school tomorrow, can you make something?” I could never deny them then, obviously I still can’t.

A photo of three Ghost Tarts on rectangular-shaped slate board.

The big difference today, no late night run to the grocery store for baking supplies (well stocked baking pantry these days), no cake mixes, no boxes of instant pudding, tubs of frosting or frozen tart shells. I try my best to make everything from scratch. On one hand the kids enjoy their sweets but on the other hand they don’t enjoy anything too sweet, baking from scratch allows me to control the amount of sugar. And homemade pudding is so much better than the boxed stuff.

Homemade Vanilla Pudding in glass jars displayed on rectangular-shaped slate board with orange acrylic dessert spoons.

It’s simple to make, comforting and although delicious on its own it can be used in so many different ways. Use in tarts like I have here or cream pies, trifle, layered between sponge and one of my son’s favourites, homemade pudding pops. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Marshmallow Ghost Tarts randomly displayed on a bunched up linen white sheet.

I debated on whether I should share these treats because Halloween has passed us by but I thought why not, the pudding tarts can be prepared minus the ghosts and simply topped with Chantilly Cream.

Vanilla Bean Pudding displayed with Vanilla Beans in glass tube on a slate board.

Usually I enrich my pudding with egg yolks but you can also use whole eggs or a combination of both. I know some add a touch of butter at the end of the preparation but my mother never did and I’ve carried on with that tradition. I wanted a richer pudding to fill the tarts so I prepared this vanilla bean pudding with a combination of whole milk and heavy cream but usually, to enjoy the pudding on its own, I prefer to prepare strictly with whole milk.

Four Marshmallow Ghost Tarts displayed side by side on a rectangle-shaped dark slate board.

The craving for pudding set in last week but unfortunately I was out of whole milk. I decided to prepare it with 2-percent, big mistake! Absolutely no comparison, the pudding lacked richness and the creamy texture? Let’s just say – big disappointment. The look on Liana’s face when she tried the first spoonful was priceless.

Another big bonus to preparing homemade pudding is the ability to infuse and add whatever flavour you fancy. But for me, late-nights wouldn’t be the same without the classics, vanilla or chocolate. Pudding also makes for a great afternoon school or work treat. Instead of buying store-bought snack packs I fill baby food jars that my niece, Adriana, saves for me. She’s saved quite a collection for me. I use the larger jars for breakfast yogurt parfaits.

A photo of White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Pudding displayed in glass jars topped with non-stick baking paper squares secured with orange and white string.

I woke up this morning to our first snowfall, it was only a light dusting but it was a big reminder that winter will be here very soon. This is the time of year when I stick close to home, only going out into the cold if it’s absolutely necessary. Late night cravings for something warm and comforting increase. If you’re a store-bought pudding buyer I urge you to try making your own homemade pudding. One warning, after tasting homemade, there’s no going back. Make sure to stock up on vanilla and chocolate.

Vanilla Bean Pudding mise en place, block of white chocolate, displayed on a dark wooden board with serrated knife.

By the way, great news – Costco is back to stocking my favourite, high quality vanilla beans by Rodelle. The price for these beans is amazing (about 1.20 per bean). They’re also stocking the Gourmet Baking Cocoa that I shared with you a short time ago. Again, price is amazing. I love Costco!

A photo of a Marshmallow Ghost Tart displayed on paper Halloween bat napkins.

On a serious note, I’m sure like everyone else across the globe I haven’t been able to think of much other than Hurricane Sandy and the devastation its caused. It particularly hits close to home because a large part of my family (aunts, uncles, cousins) live in New Jersey. My brother, Gabriel and his family live close to the Jersey shore. I lived in New Jersey for a short time some years ago and I formed many friendships. Viewing the images of the destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy was numbing, I can’t imagine experiencing it first hand. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this disaster.

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  1. Maura Says:

    Hi Grace, for some reason I can see your recipes but not the picture….Am I the only one experiencing this?

  2. Grace Says:

    Thank you for the alert Maura, I’ve enlisted a company to secure the website against viruses, better security for my visitors. I’ve just sent a help ticket, hopefully they will correct very, very soon! So sorry

  3. Kimby Says:

    Thanks for linking your website in your reply on G+, Grace — much appreciated! Your pudding recipe sounds wonderful and your method of preparing it is much easier than tempering egg yolks — I come from the old school, lol.

    Your children will never forget your from-scratch love! Mine call to ask for recipes all the time and they always mention my “homemade pudding.” Really a heartwarming post, thanks!

  4. Grace Says:

    Thank you Kim, I hope some day my children will continue on with our traditions, I know at this time in their life the tradition is so important, I only hope it continues.

  5. lyly Says:

    I love white chocolate so your pudding is sound great !!!

  6. Maura Says:

    Thank you Grace, all up and running now!

  7. Grace Says:

    Thank you for your patience Maura!

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