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Hello and thank you for visiting Grace’s Sweet Life.

My name is Grace Massa Langlois, and I live in London, Ontario, Canada with my two teenaged children. My daughter, Liana (my artist) and my son, Matthew (my athlete). My parents are both Italian but oddly enough I was born in a small mining town in Belgium. I come from a very large, close knit Italian family where the kitchen is the heart of the home.

I decided to create Grace’s Sweet Life because my children have told me time and time again “you need to do something about this obsession of yours” and they are absolutely right but for one point, I don’t look at it as an obsession but rather a passion for everything food, from sweet to savoury, and everything in between.

If you took a snapshot of my life 7 years ago it would be completely different. I worked in the automobile industry and my career as a Financial Services Manager kept me very busy, working 15 hour days and caring for 2 small children and keeping my house neat as a pin (definitely my obsession) didn’t leave much time for creating in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong my passion for creating delicious dishes has always been there but I didn’t have the time I do today. My life seemed to change over night. I suffered an injury that keeps me from returning to my other passion, my career, and a year after my injury, my husband passed suddenly. It has been one of the most difficult journeys in my life and more importantly my children’s lives. I never thought in a million years that my life would take such a drastic turn in direction. Trying to find my new place in the world and recreating who I am and what I am about has been scary at times but it has forced me to appreciate all the many blessings I do have. My children, my family, my friends and so much love and support. I found I had all this time on my hands as my children grew older and more independent that I could now turn to my passion for everything food. I’d like to say that my journey began gradually but that’s not what happened, almost over night I started watching every food program available, I started purchasing all these cookbooks, I couldn’t pass a magazine stand without purchasing Bon Appetit, Gourmet or any other food publication. I have outfitted my kitchen with everything from cookware to every kitchen gadget known to mankind. I have tried so many recipes and learned so many new techniques. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey!

Grace’s Sweet Life is my way of sharing my love for food, my life in and out of the kitchen and all that I have learned along the way and all that I will learn in the future. I am looking forward to creating new friendships. It is such a wonderful time we live in, to be able to connect with people all around the world.

I am not much of a photographer, so my talented daughter, Liana, will be photographing all the sweet treats. I have decided to take some photography classes, I am so excited. I have always enjoyed snapping pictures and learning to take it to a new level will be a lot of fun. I am so looking forward to spending this quality time with my daughter.

Please join me in my journey and I welcome any feedback and comments you may want to share.

Grace Massa Langlois

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  1. Denise Askham Says:

    Well done my friend,
    I wish you the best always.
    I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.
    Love Denise

  2. Carla Says:

    Thanks for sharing the site address. I’m looking forward to the recipes and blogs to come!
    Best of luck

  3. Grace Says:

    Nice to hear from you Carla, thanks for taking the time to connect to the site.

  4. Grace Says:

    Thank you hun, I can always count on you for support, such an amazing friend!

  5. Sue Forster Says:

    Hi Grace,

    Denise is always talking about you and sent this to me, unfortunately she sent it to my work and I don’t really have time to read through.
    Sounds like you’re a great cook…and by the way I love Betty Crocker’s Cookbooks and that’s where I sampled several recipes.


  6. Grace Says:

    Hi Sue, Denise is the best, she talks a lot about you too. Would be great to meet in person some time soon. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, hope you will be able to visit again.

  7. Rachel Says:

    Hi Grace. Denise, my mother in (common) law, referred me to your food blog. Had to check it out. Sounds like a fanastic project…already making me feel inspired to cook(and eat lol). Love Liana’s photos, too.

  8. Grace Says:

    Good to hear from you Rachel and thank you. Liana and I are having fun doing it together.

  9. Denise Askham Says:

    Hi Grace,
    Happy Friday.
    So how was your first few days?
    Looks good to me so far.
    Have fun whatever you make today.

  10. Grace Says:

    Hey Denise doing great, stop by for White Chocolate Pots de Creme with blueberry sauce, I also made florentines to go with them. You better stop by quick can’t guarantee there will be any left if you take too long!

  11. Robyn Massa Says:

    Wow Aunt Grace this is awesome! I just happened to click on your website through your Facebook Info section and am absolutely amazed. Everything is incredible from the colour of the site to the photos. I ended up on the computer much longer then I have time for with the kids but I couldn’t help it. I absolutely love the title – I couldn’t stop reading the “About” page…(had a few tears in my eyes) and Liana’s pictures are beautiful. Everything looks fantastic…well done:)
    xo Robyn

  12. Grace Says:

    Thank you honey, you are so sweet. I picked up some of the supplies yesterday for the Cookie Pops I am making for Ashley’s Birthday Party, are you using any special colours? I would like to match the ribbon to her party theme if possible. Please let me know. Liana and I just published another post, take another look if you can spare a minute because the kids will love them and they are so easy to make.

    Love you!

  13. joey federico Says:

    hey auntie grace! all of this looks delicious! great job!

  14. Grace Says:

    Thank you sweetie, so good to hear from you hun, make sure you come and visit with your Mom soon. Love you!

  15. Robyn Massa Says:

    Hi Aunt Grace,
    I hope you got my Facebook message the other day…I’ll call you tonight or tomorrow. Your website is now on my Favorites list…mmmm I love to see what you’re cooking in your kitchen next! Wonderful pics on the Photography page Liana…you’re very talented! Good Luck with Exams!
    xo Robyn

  16. Grace Says:

    Hi Robyn, yes I did get your message, sorry, I really thought I had responded, must be losing my mind. If you could let me know a couple of days ahead of Ashley’s B-Day that would be great! Give the kids big hugs and kisses from Auntie Grace!

  17. Adam Says:

    Hi, Grace! I’m sorry to read about your injury and your husband’s death. You have my condolences.

    I’m glad to see you’ve jumped into blogging as a way to reach out to people and deal with the change. Blogging can be an enriching and fulfilling activity. It changed my life when I started almost 7 years ago. Here’s hoping you find similar succor in the process!

  18. Grace Says:

    Thank you Adam, I am so enjoying it and can’t wait to get more involved in the community. Looking forward to attending some of the conferences soon and meeting some fellow bloggers face to face. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

  19. Louise Fagan Says:

    Hello Grace!
    Congratulations – what a beautiful site, a beautiful blog and a truly beautiful fulfillment of your many many gifts. I am so delighted to be able to follow your life’s passions on-line.
    What an inspiration.

  20. Grace Says:

    Thank you Louise, so very good to hear from you! I hope life has been treating you well. Please keep in touch.

  21. Penny Lee Says:

    Grace: what an interesting & tasty site you’ve created!
    Liana: your photos are amazing, I can practically taste the treats!
    Good work ladies, looking forward to many more visits.

  22. Grace Says:

    Thank you Penny

  23. PaTricia Dolce Taylor Says:

    Hi Grace:
    Love your website! I too have a passion for food, family and friends! Thanks for the wonderful receipes. We’re a big Italian family also and we call the baby of the Dolce clan Mia (maria.) Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Grace Says:

    Nice to meet you Patricia! You are most welcome, looking forward to getting to know one another better.

  25. Lori Says:

    Hi Grace! Nice to meet you!! I too am embarking on a similar journey, although I have more of a passion for tasting and writing about food than cooking, like you do. I plan to visit your blog regularly, as it’s quite inspiring to see someone changing their life and following their passion.

    Come visit me at if you can over the next few months. I’ve only just begun(yesterday!!!!) but i’m very excited about this journey!!!

  26. Ron Wood Says:

    Wow, what a fantastic blog you have created. I’ll be coming back. I have about five blueberry plants growing in containers in my garden so I’ll be trying the blueberry muffins for sure. I had creme brullee for tea. Now I can make my own. Keep up the good work. All the best, Ron

  27. Grace Says:

    Thank you Ron, the muffins will be wonderful with such fresh blueberries, wish I had some growing in the garden, are they easy to care for?

  28. Grace Says:

    Very nice to meet you too Lori and thank you for taking the time to visit, glad you are enjoying my site. Good luck with your site, wish you all the very best!

  29. marcellina Says:

    I have had more of a chance to look through your blog and read about you and I know that your blog will be one that I will love, enjoy and most of all cook from. Congratulations on rising from hardship. May your life be very blessed!

  30. Grace Says:

    You are so kind Marcellina, I am so happy you are enjoying my site, it means the world to me.

  31. Angela@spinachtiger Says:

    Grace, I enjoyed your story. I lost a cousin and brother very tragically and prematurely and I understand the vulnerability of life. My life, too, has had many changes that I never planned. I am also Italian and I relate to this passion for cooking and the kitchen. I am glad you were picked for Food Buzz Top 9 today. That is how I connected here.

  32. Grace Says:

    Thank you Angela, I would love to chat sometime, hope we can connect soon.

  33. Foodie Says:

    You need your own tv show lol, great stuff.

  34. Ela Says:

    I love, love, love your blog. Thank you for providing us with a lot of your wonderful and delicious creations. You’re God sent. Take care.

  35. Lara Says:

    Possibly the best blog I’ve seen!! Your site is such an inspiration!! Thank you and all the very best in your future endeavours…………..

  36. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Lara!

  37. Eleni Says:

    Thank you! This is lovely blog.

  38. Thao Hadden Says:

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us. I really like your blog. Wish you and your family all the best.

  39. Grace Says:

    Thank you Thao, all the best to you and your family as well!

  40. Di Says:

    Grace, I came across your recipes on tastespotting and then your blog. Your recipes are wonderful!! I’m enjoying. Happy New Year.

  41. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Di!

  42. Natalie Says:

    Hi Grace, you have some amazing recipes, and i am looking forward to making them :)

  43. kate@ahealthypassion Says:

    just found your blog, what an inspirational story. Cant wait to try some of your recipes.

  44. Grace Says:

    Thanks for stopping in for a visit Kate!

  45. Karen Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog. So glad I did. I too was widowed young and suddenly…15 years ago. I am now blessed with a husband of 13 years and an 11 year old son. Amazing house life makes so many twists in the road. Congratulations on your glorious path. Enjoy the ride!

  46. Grace Says:

    Welcome Karen and thank you! I am so very happy for you. Life definitely provides many twists and turns.

  47. Denise Ward Says:

    Hello Grace,
    As I was searching for a Posset recipe I came across your website. How beautiful it is and how inspiring to hear your story. I started a business almost 3 years ago now, teaching cooking classes out of my home kitchen. It is a lot of work, but a way to share my passion for food with others. Good luck to you.

  48. Grace Says:

    Thank you Denise. What a great idea and a perfect way to share your passion. Do you enjoy working from home?

  49. Vivian Cardinale Says:

    What a beautiful blog! I am so happy I came across your site :) Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. I’m now following you and can’t wait to read more!

  50. Grace Says:

    Welcome Vivian and thank you so much!

  51. Denise Ward Says:

    I do enjoy working from home. Was thinking that eventually I would want to move to a commercial kitchen somewhere, but people say they enjoy the environment. It makes the experience unique.

  52. chantelle Says:

    hi grace,

    i came across your website while looking for a panna cotta recipe (yours was tried and tested and absolutely adored!)

    you have a real talent and gift for this and i wish you all the best

    x A very happy subscriber!

  53. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Chantelle, you’ve really made my day, I was having one of those and your comment has really lifted my spirits. All the very best to you!

  54. Cassie Says:

    Hi Grace,

    I just found your blog today and am quite excited! I was looking for a donut recipe and found your Boston Cream Donut. I am searching for a creme filling (light and fluffy) versus a custard filling. Dunkin Donuts has a vanilla creme filled. Do you have a recipe for this type of filling? It doesn’t need to be refrigerated which is why I am stumped since I would assume that heavy whipping cream wouldn’t work. I would appreciate your insight. Your recipes look fantastic…can’t wait to get started.

    Many thanks and best of luck with your blog,

  55. Grace Says:

    Hi Cassie wish I did, I also was o the hunt for the same but couldn’t find one. I feel the same as you, how could you possibly not have to refrigerate. Let me know if you happen to come across one. I’ll keep looking to and let you know if I find one.

  56. Peter Stanford Says:

    Everything and I mean EVERYTHING looks incredibly delicious.

    But food shmood…you Grace are just a sweet good natured Woman whose children probably don’t know how lucky they are.
    The negatives in your life you overcome by being so good to others.
    Thanks for being you.
    Also though…….mmmmmmmm the food!!!!!

  57. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Peter, you’ve brightened my day!!

  58. Karly Says:

    Hi Grace! I love your blog! It caught my attention because I have “la Dolce Vita” tattooed on my wrist. I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!

  59. Grace Says:

    Thank you for visiting Karly!

  60. Rice Kernel Says:

    I stumbled upon your site when I searched for David Lebowitz’s brownie recipe. Your story is so touching. I look forward to reading about your culinary adventures. Thank you for opening up your kitchen and sharing with us.

  61. Grace Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and David’s recipe is fantastic!

  62. allison Says:

    hi I always come to your site and I think it’s fabulous. But I’ve always had a question, your site name is la mia vita dolce and it stands for my sweet life in english, but why do i hear dolce vita a lot? sorry I’m not italian but its a very curious thought.

  63. Grace Says:

    Thank you Allison, the proper translation is “La Mia Vita Dolce” but it is used interchangeably with la dolce vita. From what I have been told and read “la dolce vita” became a popular phrase and was introduced to the English language in the 1960’s when they started promoting the Italian film “La Dolce Vita”. The film is a classic, I’ve never watched it but I must do that very soon.

  64. Tony Massa Says:

    Grace, I found your name looking for information of Massa’s from Monteferrante. My grandfather came to New York in 1900 from Monteferrante, I found his log entry into Ellis Island. Anyway, if you are the same Grace Langlois, please contact me.
    Kindest Regards,


  65. Grace Says:

    Yes I am Tony and I shall. My cousin and I are in the process of creating and investigating the family tree. This is wonderful – thank you for reaching out.

  66. Hayley Says:

    Hello Grace,
    Came across your site by accident lst night. I am from Sydney, Australia and was looking for recipes by Donna Hay. What a beautiful blog you have created. Your daughter takes some wonderful photos. You have given me some much needed inspiration to start baking again. It was a passion I had previously, but had dwindled over the years since the birth of my girls.
    Wishing you all the very best.

  67. Grace Says:

    Thank you for your kinds words Hayley and enjoy your return to baking!

  68. Julia @ DimpleArts Says:

    Your daughter takes fabulous photographs of your gorgeous desserts!

  69. Grace Says:

    Thank you Julia, I am so proud of her!

  70. Faye Says:

    Just happened to stumble upon your site (I believe from a photo on I am inspired by your story and your passion for food. I wish you all the best wherever this journey in life takes you! Maybe try out for The Next Food Network Star?

  71. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Faye, please stay tuned for a special announcement, coming soon.

  72. Syana Says:

    Hi, Grace, really glad I’m stumbled upon your blog when I googled boston pie.

    I’m just a girl who has a very sweet tooth and is more interested in making cake rather than spending my money buying them.

    I’m really glad that you share all of your wonderful recipes and looking forward to try your dessert recipes!

    I do hope you will keep this blog and share your passion to everybody else! <3
    p.s: I think your daughter does a very wonderful job! everytime I see the pictures, I can't wait to give the recipe a go :DDD

  73. Brittany Barr Says:

    Hi Grace,

    I’ve been drooling over your site for a little while now. Everything looks so delicious! I’m a teacher in Australia, but I’m originally from Toronto and when I saw that you live in London I was so excited! It’s wonderful to feel a connection to home when you live so far away.
    I am always baking and trying new things out on my colleagues and last week I took your oreo cookies and cream cheesecakes to school. Everyone went crazy! They said they were the best treats they’d ever had! Thank you so much! I’ve just baked a batch of your white chocolate, cranberry and hazelnut cookies which will be making an appearance in the staff room tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll be a hit!
    Thank you for all the inspiration, recipes and photos. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  74. Grace Says:

    Hi Brittany – wonderful to hear from you! Australia is one of my places to see some day in my lifetime, it’s very close to the top of my bucket list. I’m so happy you enjoyed the Oreo cheesecakes, they are one of our favourites. You’ve got me thinking about the white chocolate cookies, think I need to make a batch, my daughter goes crazy for those. Hope you enjoy! All the best.

  75. Grace Says:

    Thank you Syana, I definitely will keep sharing, having the time of my life and meeting so many wonderful people. All the best to you!

  76. ade Says:

    WOW! I thought this was a restaurant of some kind. I, once in a while, check in on your facebook page to see whats new and tonight I got curious to see where you were located. I thought if I was close I would surely come visit. As I read your profile I found myself amazed at all that you have gone through. Sometimes we need those things in our path to allow us to become what we never knew we could be. I know that to be true in my life.
    I think you should start your own cafe, restaurant or something. I know people would definitely go to it. I know I would! God bless on this journey.

  77. Grace Says:

    Thank you for your kind words Ade. I never thought my journey would take me here but I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and I am enjoying myself tremendously. I would love to open a cafe some day, a dream I hope comes true.

  78. Lydia Says:

    What a fabulous site Grace. I enjoy browsing thru the recipes. Thank you for sharing.

  79. Anindia Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I’m from Indonesia..I’m so grateful I stumbled upon your site..its very inspiring..and i ! your recipes look amazing,cant wait to try them out :)
    Your passion for making these wonderful treats is simply beautiful..regards to your beautiful family. xoxoxo Anindia

  80. Connie Salemi Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I recently found your website and I think it is awesome! I am also Italian, born in Sicily and come from a close family. I love teaching my daugther the Italian traditions that my mother taught me. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  81. Grace Says:

    Hi Connie and welcome. I hope you share some of yours as well, recipes tend to differ from region to region.

  82. Lou Ann Stevens Says:

    I bumped in to your site…and I am so happy I did. I love it. I have a teenage daughter too. Together we have perfected the *perfect* scone. I love changing up the flavors slightly. Cranberry white chocolate chip is my newest creation.

    Will get the recipe to you if you are a person who loves scones :) It definitely comes together best with a Cuisinart.

    Warm regards,

    Lou Ann
    (Naples, Florida)

  83. Grace Says:

    Thanks Lou Ann. I love scones! And I have tried to replicate the ones from Starbucks, the petite vanilla beans scones. I was very disadvantaged because I wasn’t sure what I should be trying to achieve in the dough/batter. My first attempt didn’t go so well completely forget to put the sugar in, to say the least the texture was way off. My second attempt (same day) wasn’t too bad but still not as tender as the ones from Starbucks but honestly not sure how to achieve the texture. Would love any pointers or recipes Lou Ann. I have company coming in September for my niece’s wedding and I always try to have a bunch of goodies on hand, would love to add scones to the mix. Have a great day!

  84. Manuela Says:

    Cara Grace :)

    mi piace molto il tuo sito, come vedi sono anch’io un’ italiana cercavo qualche ricetta per fare le tea cakes, ho comprato la forma adatte da martha stewart, ma non riesco a trovare una buona ricetta! mi piacerebbe comunicare in piu con te – magari puotresti megliorare il tuo italiano :) a presto!

  85. Grace Says:

    Welcome Manuela! I would love to chat. Over the years my Italian has become rusty because I don’t speak it every day and sadly after my Father passed my use of the language decreased as well. I was just a baby when my parents moved here, in fact I am one of the 9 children that was born in Belgium. My father moved the family there when there wasn’t much work in Italy. I’ve never been formally trained in the language but was well versed in the dialect when living at home. Over the last 6 months I’m finding I am learning more and more because I am researching traditional recipes and the origin behind them. I hope to come for a visit soon and I think after spending a month or so in Italy my Italian will come back. Lately I’m finding that I am using the translation converter less and less and I am speaking Italian with my Mother like I used to when living at home. I haven’t done much in tea cakes, I think the only one that I have on the site is actually Martha’s Cherry Tea Cakes and I also have the Blackberry Financiers. I must get to making some of them because I love coffee and tea time and I enjoy serving something not sweet to enjoy with it. I will email you the links to both. I look forward to chatting and I would love to converse Italian, it would help me tremendously!

  86. Dorine Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I stumbled upon your website and was immediately drawn. Like you I have a teenage daughter too (three to be precise, as well as a teenage son). After a leave from my career and the nudge of my two college age children they too have prodded me to do more with my cooking abilities. In turn, I have just begun exploring more things to make for them when they come home- Italian of course, my heritage as well. My parents were both from Italy, mom from Calabria and dad from Naples but my sister and I were raised in the states. As you can imagined…many Italians here are not as immersed in the culture, to me, it is a legacy that is important and that I have passed on to my children. I have always been intimidated by baking- I cook more tradition Italian courses but you have given me inspiration to try. Your site is beautiful and I am enjoying the photography which is amazing. My blessings to you in your endeavors- you truly have a gift. Put your site to my favorites! Will let you know how I fare.

  87. Grace Says:

    Hi Dorine and welcome! Thank you for your kind words. My brother lives in the US and a good part of my extended family too. They live in the New Jersey. Many of my cousins have mentioned the Italian tradition is not as strong as it is here in Canada. I’ve often wondered why that is. I feel the same as you Dorine I want my children to embrace their culture and hopefully they will continue to pass on our traditions, I think it is so important! At times I think the traditions will die with our generation and then my children will say something and it makes me realize the traditions are as important to them as they are to me. Thank you so much for reaching out to say hi and to share a little about you. Hopefully we can get to know each other better and you can share some of your traditions with me. I’ve realized traditions vary from region to region and I have really enjoyed learning about them in my journey. All the best!

  88. Jamie Says:

    Hello Grace,

    I search websites on a day to day basis for recipes. I was looking for a cream horn filling and came across yours. I have not tried it yet, but look forward to trying many of your recipes. I read hundreds of blogs and comments daily, never having the desire to respond to any of them. Your story and journey touched me, and God only knows why. I recently got married and am finding my place in a new city, new family and new world. I started baking to fill a lot of my time. And it gives me satisfaction. I was raised in NY and was always around Italian bakeries, almost in every neighborhood. I don’t have any around me now. So I found myself trying to attempt cannoli’s! Thank you for sharing your recipes, your passion and most of all, the things that touch your heart.

  89. Grace Says:

    Welcome Jamie! Congratulations on your wedding. I hope your day was everything you imagined and more. I don’t know how you’re doing it Jamie. Must be difficult starting fresh. I’m sure you’ll make friends soon. I bet it’s a bit of a culture shock though going from New York where everything you could ever want can be found there. I know how you feel losing your bakeries. We’ve only ever had 3 in my area and my favourite, the one I visited every week since I was a child, closed down, every location. I was literally heart broken. I’ve been learning how to make all the pastries. And then just three weeks ago one of their locations reopened. I’ve never eaten this many pastries in such a short period of time. I’ve been making up for the months I’ve gone without. They make one custard horn filling that is out of this world and I am trying to replicate it at home. I haven’t been able to up to this point but I’m hoping to sweet talk the recipe out of one of the chefs. It’s so light and creamy. If I get my hands on it I will send you an email with the recipe. All the best in your new home and your marriage. And Jamie thank you so much for taking the time to comment means the world to me.

  90. Annie Says:

    Hi there!

    Thank you for following me on weheartit! It was good to read your About page because you sound like such a sweet person! All the best for all your endeavors! :) God bless!

    I have a 25 things to do before 25 list, baking being one of them.. but since I have never ever tried baking before, I have no idea where to begin! :P If you have any tutorials or videos that I could take help from, I would be really grateful! :)

    Take care,

  91. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Annie. Wish I had some video tutorials to offer you at this point, it’s something I am hoping to introduce in the next year. I’ll keep you posted.

  92. Arlette Landry Says:

    Hello Grace

    I stumble into your blog by accident, and so happy it happened. You have a great blog, full of amazing food and gorgeous photos…Keep up the good work my friend and congratulation!!!!
    I live in North Bay,Ontario. I have a Middle Eastern Food Blog, and would love to keep in touch with you.
    All the best Arlette

  93. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Arlette, so good to meet another Canadian blogger. My husband’s family is from northern Ontario, Cochrane. I will be sure to drop by and visit your site. All the best!

  94. Neata Meir Says:

    Grace hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a chocolate frosting recipe.
    I was very touched by your personal story, and I hope all is well for you and your children.
    I also share your love of the kitchen and collecting cooking books. I have 30 books by the same author/cook, but unfortunately they are all in Hebrew and there are no translations.
    I was very impressed with your web site and recopies, and I wanted to thank you and commend you on a job well done!

  95. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Neata. Neata I am running out of room for my cookbooks and I am currently trying to figure out a way to house them all so the collection looks great rather than messy clutter, do you know what I mean? It would be nice to have special cabinets made so that they are easy to refer too. You probably face the same dilemma. I’m envious of your collection I bet they are a beautiful set of books, very rare too. You would definitely need a special way to protect the books. One of these days I will have to do a post, “How do you display your cookbooks?” and have visitors send in pictures of how they organize their books. I bet there are a lot of interesting design ideas. ope you have a great weekend and thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment, much appreciated!

  96. Cheryl Fricke Says:

    Would you be interested in a radio banner (qui pro quo)?
    I have a friend that has a new radio station, geared towards women and children.
    If you are or you are not – my friend is Greg Bailey.

    Hoping all is well with you.


  97. Grace Says:

    Thank you Cheryl – I will reach out for sure! Hope all is well with you.

  98. BILL Says:

    Oh I am making Chocolate Mousse Cake right now in the oven! It is an easier version. I love your version because you get the three different flavors all in one. I don’t think anything is better than Chocolate Mousse Cake. Serve with berries and whipped cream. I used to make Chocolate Mousse Cake in the eighties. I was trying to duplicate the mousse cakes that really good restaurants had. I love your website. You have a passion for great food.

  99. Maura Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I was browsing the web to look for a recipe of “Bombe alla crema” and, I must admit, as your blog was in english, I opened it after many others, with the tipical italian scepticism over how italian food is prepared abroad. However, as I kept reading your recipe, I realized how wrong I had been! This recipe is so similar to my mom’s (problem is she has lost her recipe book and could only remember the ingredients, not the quantities)! Anyway, I then understood I was only half wrong, as your origins are italian!
    I am really sorry to hear about your stuggles, but I’m glad you’ve been able to bounce back and are now stronger as a result, rather then having given up.
    I will be definitely following your blog and “steal” some of your lovely recipes.
    I am italian myself and have been living in London, England, for about 15 years. I am starting to miss my country terribly lately, hence, this search for italian recepies (I always cook italian food to my family, but lately I’m sort of running out of ideas!). I praise your parents for having taught you italian, I am trying to do the same with my children, even if at times it proves difficult, as they only get to speak it to me.
    Anyway, sorry for the long post (and for any eventual grammar mistakes).
    Keep up with the great work

  100. Grace Says:

    Thanks Bill and I must agree with you I love mousse cakes. I freeze this and when the craving hits I pop one in the freezer and enjoy in abou 15 minutes time.

  101. Grace Says:

    Hi Maura, Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s nice to meet someone who shares my feelings about their homeland. I was just a baby when my parents moved us here to Canada but I have such a longing for my home. I often question why they moved us here, especially since I know the answer “for a better life” but I crave the European lifestyle, does that make any sense? I am very lucky because we have strong traditions and a very close knit family. And I’m so thankful that my kids have come to count on the traditions and the bonds of a close family. It’s such a coincidence you mention the language, I am fortunate that we spoke Italian in the home and still do but I would very much like to take the Italian language course but even better I would like to spend a few months in Italy and learn it first hand. I would like to perfect the writing and reading. All the best to you and your family Maura.

  102. Maura Says:

    Ok, allora vorra’ dire che se mi ricapitera’ di lasciare un commento, lo faro’ in italiano. Ti voglio lasciare con un paio di links di siti che uso spesso per le traduzioni, probabilmente non ne avrai bisogno, ma non si sa mai, magari ti faranno comodo…

    Spero ti possano essere utili. Se avrai bisogno di aiuto con la lingua italiana saro’ felice di aiutarti.

    Cari saluti,


  103. Maura Says:

    Dimenticavo solo una cosa, molte persone hanno un’idea romantica dell’Italia e quando arrivano rimangono deluse dal modo di fare che, purtroppo, non sempre e’, come dire, educato. D’altro canto non e’ nemmeno l’Italia dipinta dai film di mafia…insomma, aspettati una via di mezzo qualora decidessi di imbarcarti in questa avventura…

  104. Ursus Siara Says:

    Hey Grace!
    Came across your site whilst looking for “Cinnabons”.
    (Waitin’ on the first rise o’ the doh’ as I write). I didn’t catch the adjustment for regular cinnamon till I had just about mixed a batch up! No problem though, I just made more, which should work out good since I tend to “taste” my way through about 1/4th of everything I cook anyways. Your little tiny picture (as displayed on my laptop anyways) combined with my “maturing” eyesight made me think that you were somebody I knew once. My curiosity got the best of me so I clicked on your bio to get a better look. Well, you were not the person I was thinking of. But, as you are “easy on the eyes” as we say out West, no harm done. :). I think that your story is inspirational and it is a good thing that your pursuit of your passion has brought you to a place where others can hear and see your story unfold. I was taught that “adversity is opportunity masked” and seeing your website would tend to support the notion. Also, I think it is so cool that you are able to work with your daughter on it. She takes excellent pics. Sorry about your Mate. That’s hard. I should think He would be happy for you. I know I am not alone when I say that I am. Good Luck! I shall have to try out some your other recipes in the future, but now I have to “roll me Rolls”! Ciao! P.S. Should you ever publish a cookbook, and you should, I’ll take 3! Ursus.

  105. Catalina Says:

    Grace, your site is wonderful,I stumbled upon it while searching desserts for a wine tasting I am having. I’m still undecided on which I will attempt as they are all beautiful. I also lost my husband a while back; so very hard but I have moved forward. I am now living in The Netherlands with someone new, traveling a great deal and enjoying my family. I am glad you found your happiness….

  106. Grace Says:

    Welcome Catalina! Catalina I am so happy to hear you have found happiness as well. It sounds like you are on a wonderful adventure with someone very special. It must be so exciting to start life fresh in another country. I’ve taken a break from traveling the last few years but I hope to get back to experiencing what this wonderful world has to offer us. I’m looking forward to traveling through Europe soon. All the very best to you and your family!

  107. Grace Says:

    Thank you Ursus, I hope you are enjoying the rolls. I am very very lucky to be able to take this journey with my daughter and it’s so funny you mentioned a book. We’ve been working on this very project the last 8 months. A publisher reached out in February and Liana and I have been having great fun, I’ve been baking away and Liana has been photographing all of our favourite Italian sweets. The book will be on the shelves I believe sometime in March. All the very best!

  108. Grace Says:

    Thank you Maura that would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the links as well, they will come in handy. I wanted to ask you about a discussion I’ve been having with a visitor on facebook. She mentioned the “pizzelle” is not the original waffle cookie but “brigdino” is. Do you know much about the history of the Pizzelle. I have always been under the understanding it was a cookie that originated in the Abruzzo region but my visitor mentioned the original was the brigdino and that in fact pizzelle does not even appear in the Italian dictionary. I’ve done a good amount of research and it always brings me to the Pizzelle. I am curious about your thoughts on this. I must say I’ve had so much fun learning about the history of the treats we’ve always enjoyed as a family.

  109. Grace Says:

    Maura it’s funny you mention this because my mother always says the same to me, that I am romanticizing and I may be disappointed. For me it is more the way of life, the closeness of family, the tradition and culture that I am hoping still remains in the small towns. I’m excited to learn the history and the reasons for our customs. Please tell me that is not all lost, it would sadden me deeply.

  110. Francyq Says:

    Hi Grace! I have seen your Sugar Dounut Muffins and they are great! It was inspiring reading about your changing of life. Exactly what I would need now! I have a full time job, two kids (3 and 6 yrs old) a husband, and an obsession, like you, for food and a very very clean house!
    From now on I will follow your blog, full of interesting recipes! And also your are italian! Ciao e a presto! Francy (Bologna, Italy)

  111. Grace Says:

    Welcome Francy! Francy if you decide to join us please let me know I would be happy to pass along what I’ve learned about the online world.

  112. Hussaina Says:

    Hi Liane. I came accross your site while browsing for a great dessert recipe and was simply blown away by your repertoire of the most sensational sweet creations. I needed to know more of this dessert diva, so I delved into some research. It has been a beautiful experience.

  113. Grace Says:

    Welcome Hussaina! And thank you very much for your kind words.

  114. Jill Says:

    You have a wonderful blog. I recently stumbled upon it and subscribed to your feeds and I’ve just this morning been looking through them and am just totally in awe. Your recipes sound wonderful, but it’s how they look that really makes me feel so good !! Great, great, great mouthwatering photo’s ! Sadly, I can’t have sugary treats anymore, but the photo’s are just what I need as a substitute ! I can really enjoy the look and the thought of them without worrying about the calories ! If I can’t eat them I can at least enjoy the oh so tempting and alluring images and these are abolutely the bee’s knees !! Thank you so much for sharing .

  115. Grace Says:

    Welcome Jill and thank you for putting a skip in my step today!

  116. Nejla Says:

    Hi Grace,
    Just found your blog. And it looks amazing. Thans for sharing these amazing recipes. I`m sure I will try your recipes and put them in my /turkish blog where I try to put cuisine`s from the world..

    Thanks again!

  117. Jennie Read Megens Says:

    Amazing Grace! You inspire me! I think of you often and I’m so happy to hear that everything is going so well! Congrats! Can’t wait to get a copy of your book!!!


  118. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for such wonderful recipes. My life too went through some drastic changes and has propelled me into the world of baking and cooking. I moved to Belgium (I married a Belgian) and found the changes weren’t so easy to adjust to. So, I started to bake and cook to relieve alot of my anxiety and stress. I went from having a full-time career in the USA to being a housewife with stepchildren overnight. Plus, not long after moving here I became sick. So baking and cooking I use to help me through all this.

  119. Grace Says:

    Ariane it sounds like food/cooking was a saviour for both of us. Hope things are going so much better now. Not sure if you noticed but I was born in Belgium. My parents moved my family to Belgium when my father went to work in the coal mines. I haven’t been since I was a baby and I hope to remedy that very, very soon. Sending you all the best!

  120. Ariane Says:

    Oh, I just read you were born in Belgium. Years ago, there was a huge migration of Italians coming to Belgium to work in the mines. I live in Limburg and there are tons of Italians living here.

    The chocolate here is amazing or “LEKKER.”

    You should come over one day.

  121. Grace Says:

    Ariane I would really like to come this summer. One of my cousins lives half the year in Italy the other half in Belgium and my parents, well my Mom now has many friends that still live there. I met someone on StumbleUpon and he lives in Belgium and he sent me so many photos from the area where I was born. It just so happened that he lived a few towns over from my hometown. I was born in Maasmechelen. Yes I know about the chocolate because one of my parents dear, dear friends came for a visit a few years back and she brought some with her when she came, so delicious! I love Europe and often wish my parents would have stayed. I’m such a chocolate lover I can already see myself stuffing a luggage full to bring home.

  122. MaryK Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I an a happy user of your amaretti recipe. ( make at thanksgiving and even had success freezing the uncooked dough balls). Now I’ve just ordered your book on amazon. Can’t wait for the May delivery.
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes !

  123. Ariane Says:

    Maasmechelen is near the border of Holland/Netherlands; it is in the same province I live in which is Limburg. I live in the city Hasselt.

    Come over and get loads of Belgian chocolate to take back and give us some more yummy recipes.

    My husband ate several of the Limeaways today. Delicious!!!! Well, actually, I made Lemonaways because I didn’t have limes on hand.

  124. Grace Says:

    Hi Mary, so happy you enjoyed the cookies, I’ve never thought to freeze the dough balls, will have to do that next time! Thank you for ordering my book!

  125. anna Says:

    Beautiful, inspiring culinary art!

    Your work would make many pastry chefs blush.

  126. Grace Says:

    Anna you are so sweet, thank you!

  127. Tim Says:

    Your story is everything from tragic, to metamorphic, to inspiring! You clearly have poured your source of healing into your passion for all things food! Your website is beautifully presented, and your passion spills out over every detail, through both your photographs, and your carefully chosen words! I thoroughly enjoy what you have created here! I wish you and your girls all the very best!


  128. Grace Says:

    Welcome Tim and thank you so much for your beautiful comment. It’s been an amazing journey I never expected to work through my grief this way. I’ve always received so much fulfillment cooking for family and friends and for me, this may sound weird, when one of my visitors shares how much they enjoyed a dessert or how much their family and friends have enjoyed a dessert it’s the same feeling I have when everyone is seated for dinner around my family table and they are expressing how much they enjoy the meal, or I hear a “mmm”, better yet they ask for seconds. And of course there’s also the other side of blogging that’s given me a sense of purpose again because my mind is active and I’m learning so much or I’m taking my career experience and utilizing here on the site. All the best!

  129. Tim Says:

    You are most welcome! I don’t think it’s weird at all, that the most fulfilling part of all that you do, is the warmth that resonates as a result of your “labour” (I just had to throw the u in there ;)) Afterall, cooking would be a fruitless effort, if we didn’t take pleasure in how it makes those around us feel! Especially those we love! There are those who cook, to eat, and those who cook to feel! You obviously have that passion, and there is nothing more fulfilling, than taking people along for that ride! I am about to make Jaques Torres’s Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies”, that you have listed on your site! I will report back with my thoughts! Thank you for the recipe….

  130. Tina Says:

    Hey Grace :)
    Thanks so much for agreeing with your children, because this blog is definitely worth people’s time to read and stare at those lovely recipes and pics, and it’s awesome how you feature Aussie cooks/chefs’ recipes as well :) Cheers to Donna Hay!!

    I’m a Sydneyside teenager and I’ve also started a foodblog because my close friend was like “you really should start blogging, I mean, with that photo+food obsession of yours, it wouldn’t take that much time”. I’m such an amateur at both photo-taking and food-making, but the more I blogged about it, the more I realised how big my passion was. I really like having this passion, as it keeps me going, and I really like and appreciate what other food bloggers do. And even though some blog posts take agessss to write up, it’s seriously worth it :) I’m so glad to have started blogging, and been doing so for 6 months, and it’s just so awesome to be part of such a globally large foodblog culture. And you’ve just got yourself another loyal follower!! :)

  131. Grace Says:

    Thank you Tina. I completely understand where you’re coming from, I remember feeling the same (and still do) when I started blogging. The passion definitely grows!

  132. Letizia Says:

    Hi Grace, congratulation for you blog, I really like it as well as reading your personal story. I am an Italian living in Germany and recently I also decided to jump in the blog-adventure. I strongly felt the need to share, I write in Italian and English too and I really hope to create contacts and get some feedback. You are a great example of how far with a big passion and a positive attitude one can go! I wish you all the best, cheers, Letizia

  133. Torta all Alancia (Orange Cake) Recipe - Says:

    […] Recipe courtesy of Grace’s Sweet Life by Grace Massa Langlois […]

  134. Grace Says:

    Welcome to the community Letizia! If you ever need any help please do not hesitate to reach out – I will pass on what I’ve learned (there’s so much to learn!) And I hope you will keep in touch, best part about blogging is meeting new friends.

  135. Mary Says:

    Hi Grace:

    I am from Montreal, congratulations on this site of yours, I happened on it when I googled italian cookies. I am Italian and love to bake. Your deserts look amazing, I will definitely try some of them. Wishing you well.

  136. Sandra Says:

    Thank you for all your great recipes. Anything I’ve made everyone loves. Your photos are great as well and give an excellent example of how the end product should look like. Well done and thank you.

  137. Grace Says:

    Thank you Mary! Mary my husband and I used to visit Montreal every September, amazing city, I miss it terribly. Must come for a visit soon.

  138. Donna Says:

    Dear Grace,
    I was looking for a special cupcake recipe to WOW my sister at her birthday lunch tomorrow when I stumbled across your blog and the cannoli topped cupcakes. When I saw the copy of your book I recognized it immediately. I bought a copy of your book as soon as it was released and since I am an avid baker of course I absolutely adored every recipe. In fact the photos on the cover are what attracted me to it in the first place. I left you a positive review on Amazon Books after reading a couple of crappy reviews left (not sure what motivated them to do that…jealousy maybe?). Anyway, just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I adore your baking skills.
    Keep up the good work and I hope to see more recipes in Grace’s Sweet Life part 2 perhaps?
    Donna Leach

  139. Grace Says:

    Thank you so much Donna I saw your review, it put a spring in my step. I was prepared for the not so nice reviews but it’s still hard to hear someone tear down something you put so much effort into. I’ve often heard author’s describe their books as children and for the first time I completely understand why. I’ve written back to the reviewers, I hope they’ll give me a chance to make to change their mind about the book. I know some of the recipes are involved but I was hoping buyers would be able to learn a bunch of different elements and techniques giving them the opportunity to mix and match and create their own desserts. I know when I started baking I was all about learning the techniques. I so appreciate you taking the time to review the book and thank you very much for the support! Hope you enjoy the book.

  140. Jules Says:

    Hi Grace

    My friend sent me your blueberry and lemon curd pie recipe and so I’ve had a wonderful browse of your site. I am so inspired. I love to cook, but have a full time job so tend to get excited when I have a spare afternoon to cook. I also run a B&B so love to cook for my guests. I shall be keeping a very close eye on your blog, from now on.

    Regards Jules from New Zealand

  141. Grace Says:

    Welcome Jules, Thank you! How do you possibly have the time to work and run a B & B Jules, you’re inspiring me!

  142. Lori Says:

    I just made your blueberry-banana walnut loaf last night and everyone was raving about it. My mother-in-law won’t leave me alone. She keeps telling me how much she loved the loaf. It’s really unique and that’s what is so special about it. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to trying out your other recipes.

  143. Grace Says:

    Thank you Lori, so happy you enjoyed it!

  144. Michelle Says:

    Hi Grace !
    I`m so happy that i found your blog. I was looking for a mascarpone-creme caramel and first site that appears was yours. Photos are absolutely fabulous, congratulations to your daughter.
    You are my inspiration for the future.

    Sorry for my bad english, i`m from Romania , Europe.

    With simpathy,

    Michelle ( Mihaela, in romanian )

  145. Grace Says:

    Welcome Michelle. Michelle don’t be silly your English is amazing!

  146. Fathiya Says:

    Hi Grace, you are my inspiration…your story really touched me and made me excited to know that any one can make their dreams come true. I admire your passion and your work is beautiful. I found your blog whilst searching for red velvet cheese cake, its a beautiful work…I have a lot to say but lets leave it just this way…WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!! from my kitchen to yours

  147. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Thank you so much Fathiya and welcome! All the best to you and you family in 2013!

  148. Chuck Says:

    Grace’s Sweet Life, I love you cookbook but and dismayed that it takes so many ingredients that are not ready available. I live near Philadelphia Fantes and they do not carry all of the items. So this will sit on the shelf unused.

  149. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Thank you Chuck, which ingredients are you having a difficult time locating maybe I could offer a resource or substitution? Most of the items are available at Amazon or Italian Grocers. I didn’t realize Fantes carried ingredients, I thought it was merely tools and equipment. Please let me help!

  150. shoop exhale Says:

    I am always crazy of Italian foods and was so glad to stumble upon your blog last night while I was searching for a Ferrero Rocher cake which I will be making tomorrow. There were four photos of the said cake but yours caught my attention, your daughter has done a very good job, your cake looks absolutely mouth-watering. I’ll be posting my comment tomorrow. Thank you and god bless you and your two kids. CONGRATULATIONS!

  151. Philippe Says:

    Hello Grace!
    Just want to let you know that I discovered your web site few weeks ago when I was trying to find the best canolli recipe on the web! Obviously, I found it on your blog :P Now, I CAN’T stop reading recipe on your website. All of them are awesome, and you give a bunch of tips&tricks, wich is very appreciated! Continue your great work!

  152. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Phillippe and thank you so much for your kind words!

  153. Julie B. Says:

    Hello !

    I just discovered your website, and I wanted you to know that I really adore it. If the food you create if only half as good as it looks, then you truly are an amazing cook. It’s great that people like you are willing to share recipes and tricks ; it helps those of us who aren’t as imaginative, talented or experimented.

    Have a very nice day !

  154. Khai Says:

    Hi Grace,
    I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was trying to find a step by step process on blue/pink ombre cake and was struck and at the same time inspired by your story. I’m a very amateur flogger (what they called a food blogger nowadays :)) . I’m a Finance Manager by weekday and a crazy baking experimenter (is there such a word???) by weekend. Love love the recipe, the photos, the story and all. Hope you will always write and keep sharing your skills & experience to the world


  155. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Khai, I can’t believe how much are stories resemble each other – thank you so much for the kind words!

  156. Janet Says:

    Good Morning Grace,
    Just came across your blog – as a baker (late in life) I love it! Also the fact that we are both from Italian Families- beautiful work!
    Thanks for sharing.


  157. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Janet! Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself and thank you for your kind words.

  158. Antoine Says:

    Sharing good food is pure love! Sending you much much love and kind wishes, thanks for sharing your story and your passion!

  159. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Thank you Antoine!

  160. Cara Says:

    Hello Grace,
    I would love to join your ‘Sweets, Sweets, Sweets!’ board on Pinterst :)

  161. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Hi Cara – I’ve just sent you the invite, looking forward to sharing!

  162. Cara Says:

    Thank you so much!! I am glad to participate in this board, it’s fantastic :) Thanks again!

  163. prettymeggy Says:

    I just came across to your blog.. really amazing and delicious recipes!!!!

    take care. xoxo,Meg

  164. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Meg! Thank you

  165. kathleen Says:

    Just discovered your cooking blog today while searching for a birthday cake recipe -strawberries and cream. Found your lovely butter cake one-then I read your “About” page. You are such an inspiring young woman and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Read a few comments and saw your cookbook mentioned. Will definitely take a look at it. Thank you for this great site.

  166. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Kathleen! Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s been a wonderful journey and some may think it’s corny but my love of food has taken me through the most difficult time in my life. I can’t thank my kids enough for giving me the nudge to send me in a new direction.

  167. Frank Says:

    I would like to see the copyrights on the recipes and photos that you have made public by posting on the internet!

  168. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Good Evening Chef, I direct you to the footer on each of my website pages, the copyright disclaimer is clearly written. Also under current copyright laws the disclosure is not needed. From your comment I’m going to assume that you believe because I’ve shared my content online that now makes my content free for all to use, that’s absolutely incorrect and it’s the very reason DMCA forms are readily available through Facebook, Pinterest, Google etc. I do not have any issues with the sharing of my content but it’s completely different and unfair for you to use my content and say it’s your own (why did you watermark my images?), it’s not fair to me and more importantly it’s not fair to your visitors. If I use someone else’s recipe I site the source but I also make and photograph the dish. I hope you can understand my position and most others that share content online.

  169. Pırıl Says:

    Hii Grace,
    This is the first time I have visited your website.
    I like your food blog. I want to try every food you share in your blog. I am from Turkey, Adana. It is very nice to have many friends around the world. I have food blog also, it is in Turkish and it has a translate button you can use.
    I look forward to seeing your new recipies.
    With my love, Pırıl.

  170. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Piril! And thank you so much for your kinds words, I’m off to explore your site.

  171. Zehra Kalafat Says:

    Hi Grace,

    This is magnificent site. Thanks for all.



  172. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Welcome Zehra, and thank you so very much!

  173. Min Says:

    Greetings Grace. Today is my first time visiting your blog. You have showed courage, strength, creativity and the ability to take the old adage to new dimensions: when given lemons, make lemon (meringue pie)…I will certainly look up your recipes for lemon stuff and more. PS Love the photos. I feel like I could eat them!

  174. Steve Douglas Says:

    Hi Grace;
    I must say this is a beautiful website you have built. I’m amazed how you get so much accomplished with your time. Business, family, books, website…wow. I’ve just recently started a website for my business and just learning html, etc. so seeing your site is very humbling. How’d you learn all this? Anyway, beautiful job and now I’m going to go look at the treats.
    Take care, Steve

  175. Helen Gurdeen Says:

    Amazing website and very inspiring. Thank you and admire your courage to start off your dream!

  176. Denise Says:

    You are amazing first of all… I just stumbled on you site in looking for info on traditional connoli recipes, freezing ricotta impastata (i know whole foods brings it in frozen) and I found you… wow! you have the same passion as I and found a way to make your passion (obsession as my kids also say) successful! Good for you.I dont know if you will ever recieve this message as I can never seem to figure out how to respond to these but I hope so…I will be trying your technique with my connoli.. but have you ever wished you could just call someone and ask this question or that? Someone who actually knows because they have done it? anyway, I hope I have made a contact with you :) thx. denise

  177. Pat Says:

    I’ve noticed that no updates recently to your site. I hope you mother is doing well.
    Sincerely, Pat

  178. Jack Says:

    hi grace…
    love anything almond….i made this recipe and topped with half a candied cherry…just delish….was wondering if u thought i would have the same success if put the eggs in whole and followed recipe from there…..?

  179. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Hi Jack, Would love to help but you’ve commented on the About page of my site, which recipe were you referring to?

  180. Grace Massa Langlois Says:

    Hi Pat, I wish I could share that mom is home and doing well but unfortunately that’s not the case, yet. We are still hopeful Pat but unfortunately it’s been a very slow recovery. Thankfully after a very long stay, 7 months, she’s left the hospital but instead of coming home we needed to move her to a 24-hour care facility. My brothers and sisters and I work with her every day hoping that she’ll recover the use of her right side. We’re also working with her speech, she’s still not able to communicate via speech. Thank you so much for checking in, means the world to me! Hope things are good with you.

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