Posted on Saturday, 13th April 2013 by Grace Massa Langlois

Marshmallows, puffy, light and spongy, melt-in-the-mouth sweet treat gets a little more indulgent with the addition of rum, peach schnapps and strawberry purée. These pink pillows of goodness remind me of my favourite poolside cocktail, the strawberry daiquiri with a

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A close up photo of three Boozy Strawberry Marshmallows.
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Posted on Saturday, 11th December 2010 by Grace Massa Langlois

A Christmas Cookie Plate wouldn’t be complete without Holiday Fudge.  I like to live by “the more is more” philosophy when it comes to sweets (thus the name Grace’s Sweet Life) so I decided to make two kinds of fudge

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A photo of 3 pieces of Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge decorated with crushed blue candy canes.
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Posted on Tuesday, 13th April 2010 by Grace Massa Langlois

How did my weekly grocery shop turn into an Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pops tutorial? Well, every Saturday I head out in the morning to start my weekly grocery shopping ritual, one that I must do alone because the kids can’t

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A black and white photo of Parker, the Chocolatier, decorating the colourful Oreo Chocolate Cookie Pop.
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