Posted on Friday, 29th July 2011 by Grace Massa Langlois

What do you make for dessert when your air conditioner is on the fritz in the middle of a heat wave? – A simple Italian dessert, Budino alla Vaniglia dressed up with a layer of Gelatina di Mirtilli (Blueberry Jelly)

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A photo of an Italian Dessert, Budino alla Vaniglia layered with Gelatina di Mirtilli (Blueberry Jelly) and topped with Salsa di Mirtilli (Blueberry Sauce) served on small white dessert dishes.
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Posted on Thursday, 17th June 2010 by Grace Massa Langlois

I love summer, it is my favourite time of year.  The neighbourhood is abuzz, everyone is outside instead of cooped up in our homes, tending to gardens, bike riding, walking, and visiting.  It’s the time of year for outdoor festivals

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A photo of 4 blueberry-banana fruit pops on a white dish with ice.
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