Posted on Friday, 27th January 2012 by Grace Massa Langlois

As promised, crispy Italian cookies – Hazelnut Cookies with Chocolate Chunks, the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate dessert (Chocolate Hazelnut Pots de Crème) I shared last week. When I was growing up there were two things my mother could always be certain of.  One,

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A cropped photo of Italian Cookies, hazelnut and chocolate chunk cookies, cooling on a black wire rack.
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Posted on Thursday, 20th May 2010 by Grace Massa Langlois

Liana and I had an amazing time at the Xavier Rudd concert last night. Xavier had the entire audience up, dancing and singing.  The light show was amazing.  He wowed us with his talent for playing various musical instruments (didgeridoos,

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A close up photo of a warm strawberry cake decorated with a fresh strawberry and confectioners' sugar, baked in a teacup on a white and blue napkin with a silver spoon.
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