Posted on Friday, 30th November 2012 by Grace Massa Langlois

Crazy, busy week, I felt like I barely had enough time to breathe! But, I didn’t want to let a week go by without posting, especially since we’re heading into the holiday season. Everyone is so busy at this time

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A close up photo looking down on Mini Apple Tarte Tatins.
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Posted on Saturday, 29th January 2011 by Grace Massa Langlois

You already know I’m a huge lover of Italian Pastries. What you may not know (because I’ve hardly talked about it) there’s another pastry in my life. It’s true.  I’ve been unfaithful to my beloved Italian pastries.  I’m also a

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A photo of a bowl of Pain Au Chocolat (Chocolate Croissants) made from homemade Pâte Croissant (Croissant Dough).
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Posted on Friday, 18th June 2010 by Grace Massa Langlois

My son, Matt, had the worst chocolate craving all week and I was hoping these Chocolate Custard Tartlettes would hit the spot. I admit a bit of skepticism when I initially spotted Bill Granger’s recipe for these tarts. The recipe

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A photo of chocolate custard tartlettes on a white cake stand with a blue ribbon.
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