Posted on Thursday, 24th February 2011 by Grace Massa Langlois

I’ve always been sensitive to the cold (you’d think I’d be used to it by now considering I’ve lived in Canada most of my life) but the last few weeks I can’t get warm enough. Coincidentally neither could the kids.

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A photo taken three Raspberry and Blueberry, Pistachio-Almond Crumble desserts placed in a row, one dessert topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.
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Posted on Friday, 30th July 2010 by Grace Massa Langlois

Lately I’ve been on a Donna Hay kick.  She was one of the judges on MasterChef Australia this year and I’ve come to really like her and her philosophy on food.  She is a beautiful food stylist, I think she

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A photo of 4 baked Grand Marnier and raspberry vanilla custard desserts stacked on a pink placemat.
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